OK, so I’ll chime in …

We see so many references to “cooking with my Instant Pot”, it seems to be the new craze. (Or maybe not NEW anymore, I’m sure there’s some other new kitchen gadget out by now – We’re just behind the times.)

In any event, we really do love our Instant Pot. Thanks to our son and daughter-in-law (David and Lisa) who gave us our Instant Pot (IP) for Christmas a couple years ago, we are now fans as well.

We have to admit .. it was kind of intimidating at first. But as we experimented we came to really appreciate the; convenience, the speed, how easy it cleans up, and how thoroughly it cooks our meat and veggies through and through. It’s a very precise cooker, being controlled by a microprocessor so the cooking is highly repeatable. Just set HI, MED, or LOW and set the time, then push START. It’ll tell you when it’s up to pressure, when it starts timing, and when it’s done! Easy-Peazy..

We enjoy cooking (and eating); cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, corn on the cob, Acorn Squash, zuchinni, Spaghetti Squash, chicken (tenderloins, breasts, thighs) beef or pork ribs. And if we’re going to a pot luck, we even take homemade potato salad where you cook the potatoes AND the eggs together in less than 5 minutes!

But here’s a video on my favorite dish. Simple as can be and there are links at the bottom of the video to purchase any of the products featured in the video.

Full Disclaimer –
By making your Amazon purchases from our site, we will receive from Amazon a small percentage of your purchase and it doesn’t cost you any more. We’d really appreciate your help. Thank you, Herb & Kathy

Here are some links to the products in the video

https://amzn.to/2Yu1F4b – Instant Pot 6 Qt.
https://amzn.to/2UaDust – Coleman Table Top Propane Gas Grill
https://amzn.to/2UT71UI – Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce
https://amzn.to/2HIDYQS – Silicone Basting Brush
(You’ll need to buy the ribs at the local grocery stored, eh?)

If you don’t already have an IP, and if you’re like us and don’t have a lot of counter room, the IP cooker is ideal in that you can load it up, lock the top and then with one hand, you can easily set it on the floor to cook.

We live in our motor home full-time. We had precious little table and/or counter space and having the ability to set this device on the floor just below the front of the fridge frees up table and counter space so we can prepare our salad while the main course is cooking.

So take a look and I suggest buying the original Instant Pot rather than a less expensive imitation. You’ll be glad you did … if you use it. Like anything else, if it sits on your counter or in a cupboard and doesn’t get used – then it’s worthless.

Thanks for coming along ….

Great Time at Escapade ’19

As members of the Escapees RV Club, Kathy and I attended our 2nd “Escapade” this past week. The first one we attended was in Essex Junction (Burlington area), Vermont back in summer of 2016. This year’s Escapade was in Tucson at the Pima County Fairgrounds.

Aerial View of The RV Park at Pima County Fairgrounds

The annual Escapade is held in different locations around the country. 2018 was in Sedalia, Missouri while next year’s event will be held in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Holding the rally in different locations allows club members in different areas of the country to attend without having to travel extreme distances.

The rally is an opportunity to; renew friendships with other travelers you haven’t seen in a long while, enjoy some great regional food, attend as many as 10 or 15 informational seminars scheduled over a 4 day period, visit the Marketplace where vendors of RV equipment and supplies display and sell their products, take a tour of nearly 100 new and used RV’s on the lot, and attendees can even volunteer as shuttle cart drivers, hospitality hosts, parking attendants, morning coffee crew members, and lots of other opportunities.

Here are some pictures of various parts of the event. We took over the Pima County Fairgrounds with 830 recreational vehicles (RV’s) and just about 2500 attendees.

As usual, if you click on any of the individual pictures below, it will open into a larger image so you can see more detail.

Here’s a couple videos of the evening entertainment. This evening’s video features “The American Rogues” (Sorry the audio is not nearly as impressive as it was at the live presentation). You could feel the drums beating and the rafters shaking.

The American Rogues

Here’s a video of the “Redhead Express” – and 5 of these 6 band members are siblings!

The Redhead Express

Thanks for coming along. We are blessed to be able to live the full-time RV lifestyle and we hope you enjoy riding along with us on our adventures.

So long for now!

Where We’re Heading To Next

It’s March 18, 2019 and we are currently parked at the Pima County (Tucson, AZ) Fairgrounds with about 2000 other Escapee RV Club members enjoying the annual Escapade national gathering.

One of the evening entertainment sessions at 59th Escapade – Tucson, AZ

Since we “hit the road” and started our full-time RV lifestyle in late 2016, we had been Workamping our way around the country. We work at campgrounds or RV parks offering about 15-20 hours per week in exchange for rent-free living at the park and it typically includes all our utilities, cable TV, wifi, laundry and sometimes discounts at the park store or nearby attractions.

But being members of the Escapees RV Club, we were able to take advantage of getting on a “Wait List” for any of their parks. We put our names on the Wait List for the parks in; Wauchula FL, Hondo TX, Casa Grande AZ, Benson AZ, and Pahrump NV. We figured whichever park had our name at the top of the list first (waiting lists are often many years long), that’s the park we’d call “home” for the winter.

In addition to having a place to winter regularly, the “home base” would provide us a place to go at very little additional cost (only electric and propane) to be should we need a lengthy stay for say, recovery from a medical procedure – planned or otherwise.

As it turned out, we rose to the top of the list at Rover’s Roost in late 2017, accepted the lifetime lease agreement, continued our Workamping commitments for spring, summer, and fall of 2018, and then arrived here November 1st to be “on vacation” for the winter months.

We’ve spent a very relaxing and enjoyable winter at our leased lot at the Escapees Rover’s Roost RV Park in Casa Grande, AZ. I’ll share more with you in later posts about our time here at “The Roost” both having fun with our new friends along with some of the projects we’ve completed to our “home on the road”.

Our winter home at Rover’s Roost RV Park at Casa Grande, AZ

But now it’s early spring and it’s time to leave “The Roost” for the summer season (it gets WAY too hot here) and head north to cooler climates.

This year, we are heading to Montana to work at an Army Corp of Engineers campground as Park Hosts. We’ll be at Ft. Peck Dam Downstream Campground for 3 months (April, May, and June) and then we will move a little east to our next Workamping commitment at DC Booth Historic Fish Hatchery in Spearfish South Dakota working as visitor center and museum employees. We’ll be there July, August, and September.

Here’s a map of our trip north next month. This is subject to change as we have over 120 places on our Bucket List and we’ll try to hit many of them along the way, even if it takes us off track a hundred miles or so. We’re not in any big hurry to get north, we’ll hopefully just follow the spring thaw!

If you’d like to check up on us as we travel and see where we are at any given moment in time, you can just go to www.aprs.fi and type my ham radio license number WB8BHK-9 into the Search box and it’ll return a Google map with our exact location at that moment. We’d love for you to follow along!

I admit I’ve been a bit lax the last few months and haven’t posted blog entries as often as I would have liked to. I’ll work to improve my postings as we travel north and we appreciate you following along.

Oh, by the way …. we’ve designed a new logo to market our brand. Whatta ‘ya think?