Finally Ready?

OK, just got the rig back from Craig Smith RV (Galion, OH) where they replaced the Draw-Tite trailer light control box, so now the trailer lights work so we can hook up the car (Toad) and hit the road.

DrawTiteControllerKathy’s off work tomorrow and over the next couple days we’ll be loading up the rest of what we’ll need for over the next month, (clothes, kitchen utensils, etc.)  Friday afternoon we’ll hook up the toad and head out on Saturday morning.

Watch for the short video as we hit the road.

Mechanicals Update

Midway says the brakes are good (it’s nice to have that reassurance), now it’s at Fort’s Industrial Engine for the noise in the diesel generator.  They called yesterday to tell me it’s in need of a new fuel pump and that should be in today and they’ll have it fixed and ready for me to pick it up.road trip

Then it’s back to Craig Smith RV Monday morning to find out why there’s no power at the trailer hitch.  We’ll be towing our Saturn and need to make sure the turn signals/ stop lights will work.

Hopefully we’ll have it back Monday or Tuesday and then we can load it up for a Saturday departure.