RV Park Review – Pere Marquette Oaks RV “Condo” Resort (Michigan)

Summer’s over and our 4 month workamping gig has come to an end.  We had a great experience at a wonderful park in a beautiful area of the country and I wanted to share a little info with you in hopes that you might have an opportunity to spend some time in this often “skipped” area of our country.

Pere Marquette Oaks RV Resort is located in west central Michigan just about 3 miles south of the town of Baldwin.  “PMO” as it’s referred to by its friends is just about an hour north of Grand Rapids and less than 45 minutes from the Lake Michigan shore city of Ludington.

PMO is a condominium RV park where the “campers” actually own their lot and pay annual dues to the association for maintenance and amenities.  Some of the owners who may be out of town in their RV actually rent out their lot to visitors to the area.  The park has a full-time rental manager to handle these rentals and welcome visitors to the park and to the area.  Sue can be reached at 616-901-4060.

All the lots at PMO are large (at least 50′ x 100′) and all are full hook-up sites with concrete paved and level sites that include free wifi and 36 channels of cable TV.  There are just over 100 sites with asphalt paved streets lined with massive oak trees that offer lots of shade.

Other amenities include a modern clubhouse that offers a fully equipped kitchen, large flat screen TV and plenty of round tables and chairs so that folks can use the room for football parties, card games, or larger family gatherings.

The most popular amenities in the park are definitely the heated pool and hot tub.  Lots of adults and children make good use of these amenities during hot weather.  The picnic pavilion adjacent to the pool provides a great place for gathering and enjoying one of the many pot-luck meals that seem to pop up over the season.

Visitors to the park will find lots of opportunity to meet plenty of other like minded people as they walk or bicycle around the park.  Typically the holiday long weekends (Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day) are the busiest and the most fun in the park.  Although there is no “Activities Director”, folks at the park take it upon themselves to plan activities that attract everyone to attend and participate.

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Overnight rate (for 2017) is only $45 per night and Sue (616-901-4060) will be happy to get you a spot for a night and she can give you all the details about seasonal rates and ownership opportunities as well.

I encourage you to take the opportunity to stay at PM (Pere Marquette) Oaks RV Resort.  Not only are you less than an hour away from Lake Michigan and the beautiful Ludington State Park, but you’re only minutes away from Big Star Lake where you can canoe, kayak, or jet ski and you will be just a hop, skip, and a jump from the famous Pere Marquette River which is one of the premier Rainbow Trout and Steelhead streams in the Midwest.  If you want something a little different, Lake County boasts 47 trout streams and 153 lakes, so there’s surely someplace right for you.

Kathy and I will be heading back to PMO in the spring of 2018 for another workamping season and who knows, … maybe we’ll see you there!

Wishing you smooth roads and sunny skies …




Oooops – Didn’t make it to Roswell

Our intention was to see the aliens at Roswell and visit Carlsbad Cavern National Park.  They are each about an hour away from camp, but in different directions.

We went to the Caverns first, then heading back north toward camp, we decided to swing in and visit Sitting Bull Falls in the Lincoln National Forest.  By the time we got out and headed north again, we realized our day was done.

The caverns were phenomenal.  We took the elevator down 850 feet into a beautiful wonderland.  There’s a path throughout the caverns with handrails on both sides so you can’t get lost or fall into an abyss (and there’s a few of them).  It’s a little tricky walking through because we’re always looking up toward the “ceiling” to see the beauty instead of looking down at our feet … and the path is anything but flat and level.  It takes a little over an hour to walk from start to finish.

And then you get to wait in line for the elevator.  The place was super busy.  The ranger told us they usually have about 1300 visitors daily, but since all Texas schools are on spring break, this week they are running about 4500 visitors daily.  And the two elevators that were in service only hold 9 people each!

I’m just going to give you a few pictures here.  You can follow the links above to be taken to the official web pages for each to get more information and pictures.

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Unfortunately, we were at the falls late afternoon and I was taking the pictures looking into the sun, so it’s really hard to see the water.  Some people waded in the pool below, while others climbed to the top to look over the edge – SCARY!

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Today we’ll be leaving the SKP Ranch at Lakewood, NM and heading east toward Junction, TX where we have a reservation at Pecan Valley RV Park.

Amphibious Motor Home!

My friend Donna Carver sent the link to this video to me.  I didn’t believe it was real at first, but after watching the video, I think this is actually for real – how amazing!

I have no idea on the price but I’m guessing it’s close to a mill …. late correction, just Googled that question and the MSRP starts at $850.000.  Too rich for my blood.

Cool nonetheless.  Anybody wanna go halvsies with us?