Great February In Florida

NOTE: We are currently back at Livingston, TX for a couple weeks while we volunteer at the annual CARE Center Health Fair at the Escapee’s RV Park.  We’ll be leaving here Mar 31st and heading back to Ohio (for a bit).

WOW!  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  Now that we’ve got good wifi for the next couple of weeks, maybe I can get caught up a little, eh?

We were Workamping at the Escapees “Rainbow’s End” RV Park in Livingston, TX from mid-October to mid-January and then we took off to Florida for the month of February.  A little vacation for us with no “work” like we’ve been doing since hitting the road fall of ’16.

What a great time we had …

Our reason for going to Florida was not only to get a little better (warmer) weather than what we’d had for the last 3 months in Texas, but even more so to be able to visit family and long-time friends.  Some of these folks now live in Florida full-time while others are either regular “sno-birds” or maybe are just on a short vacation from the frigid north-land to warmer climates.

In any event, thanks to Facebook, RVillage, and GMail we were able to actually meet up with and spend time with 15 different couples as we enjoyed our Florida getaway.  You can click on any of the pictures to see the caption of who it is we visited and where.

While traveling and workamping have their rewards (being able to see the sights and helping to pay the way), by far the best part of this full-time RV lifestyle is the opportunity to hook up with old friends and meet so many new ones along the way.

We are blessed to have this opportunity to travel.

Our plans for the near future include; heading back to Ohio in April to visit family, then up to our Workamping gig in Michigan for the summer at Pere Marquette Oaks RV Resort, while fall of 2018 will take us to Albuquerque, NM where we’ll be working at the annual International Balloon Fiesta, then on to our leased lot at Rover’s Roost RV Park in Casa Grande, AZ for the winter with an excursion in mid-January to Quartzite, AZ to work at the “Big Tent” RV Show.

We haven’t planned spring and summer of 2019 yet, it’s a little too early to start nailing anything down, but we hope to be somewhere in the northwest U.S.

 We hope you’ll ride along!  Oh, and by the way, feel free to comment down below – it’s great to hear from you TOO!