Kathy’s Visit to “Reader’s Oasis” (aka The Naked Bookseller)

While we were at the big RV show in Quartzsite, we wanted to see some of the sights in the area.

We learned that you can’t make a visit to Quartzsite, AZ without making a stop to see Paul Winer (the naked bookseller).  Here’s a video that I found on YouTube of the store and Paul playing the piano.

Paul has been living in the desert and had this book store for nearly 25 years.  It used to be in a tent, but in just the last few years, he’s moved in to a building on E. Main Street.

Paul has nearly 200,000 volumes, most of them used, and he knows where every book is.  No matter what you might be looking for, no matter how obscure the subject matter, Paul can very likely find it for you in his collection.

Paul also allows authors to sell their signed copies of their latest releases.  The day we were at the store, there were three authors set up on the front porch.

Here’s a slide show of some pictures I took inside the store and one of Kathy getting her Reader’s Oasis bookmark autographed by Paul – a keepsake she’ll be happy to show you when we see you!

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