Heading East Night 1

I had a last-minute medical test Monday morning that should’ve taken about 45 minutes but it end up being about 2 hours due to some miscommunication between my doctor and the hospital. But in any case it led to a delayed departure from the Roost.

The rig was all ready except to pull the plug at the pedestal because we had worked much of the day Sunday getting organized both in the rig and the shed.

When I got back Kathy had everything inside tucked safely away in it’s appropriate”travel” location so all I had to do was turn the key, pull the rig out to the street so we could hook up the car, and then head east out of Arizona and into New Mexico.

Our plan is to drive about 300 miles a day to get us to Bushnell Florida by Saturday night. We realize that’s a perfect world .. there may be delays and we may not be able to do 300 mes every day. But that’s our goal.

We pulled in to the Escapee Dream Catcher RV Park at Deming, NM about 6:00 p.m. Park Manager Kyle greeted us and got us checked in to a nice dry camping site for $8.50 for the nite.

The clubhouse has an honor system canteen with candy bars and ice cream which we will refrain from visiting because we already had our ice cream today when we visited the Dairy Queen counter at “The Thing” roadside attraction and convenience store on I-10.

The Bowling Travel Stop featuring “The Thing”

Here’s some pix of the store inside. Talk about tourist stuff – Wow! They have it all

Shirts, hats, mugs, and more
The entrance to ‘The Thing”

While we were parked at “The Thing” and we took the opportunity to stretch our legs going in to get our (small) Mint Oreo Blizzards, we also ate our “healthy” lunch back in the coach.

Our typical On The Road lunchūüėĀ

I know it doesn’t look like a “healthy” lunch but it’s a lot better than a big bacon cheeseburger and fries. Yes, we have the blizzard and some Veggie Stix, but we’ve also got celery, string cheese, pickles, tuna (in the pink bowl), and cottage cheese.

Dinner tonight will be tossed green salad and Kathy’s homemade Cabbage/tomato/onion/celery/carrot/potato soup.

We enjoy staying at Dream Catcher RV Park.¬† It’s an Escapee park (discounted stays), you can walk next door to the motel to get a drink at the bar or dinner at their restaurant, and it’s a very E-Z on and off to/from the interstate.

Our dry camping site for the night
The clubhouse at Dream Catcher

The sun is setting, it’ll be an early night tonight. Since we are dry camping, we’ll have no hook-ups to disconnect in the am.

So I know I’ll be up before sunrise. I’ll make our coffee and watch the early morning news while Kathy’s still asleep. Once she’s up and out of the shower well turn the key and keep heading east.

Our plan for tomorrow night is to stay at an eastbound Rest Area just west of Fort Stockton, Texas.

Till then … Be safe out there. Thanks so much for riding along.

Oh by the way … Have you ever been to see “The Thing”? Let us know in the comments section below.

A Good Day For Travel

Well yesterday was hot and a little sticky, but we left Pecos, TX this am and a light storm rolled in to west Texas last night and our travel today to our new site at Deming, NM was a delight because it was mostly overcast and cool. ¬†Those big glass windows on the front of a motor home can really transmit the heat! ¬†In fact, yesterday afternoon, we not only had the dash a/c on, but we fired up the generator as we were traveling and turned on the roof air to get it down to a comfortable temp. ¬†Wouldn’t have been that bad if we were headed east, but the late afternoon sun heading west was brutal.

This morning I-10 across west Texas showed us a lot more oil fields, miles and miles of open fields with ranches interspersed with grazing cattle.

2016-04-12 10.24.03
A View Out My Window While Driving

I had to take this picture of this distant “mountain” just to prove we were there. ¬†There’s lots more of course, but I just took this picture because they say it’s best to keep two hands on the wheel, especially when it’s windy, which it often is in Oklahoma and Texas along these plains.

We checked into Dream Catcher’s RV Park and were warmly welcomed by the staff and volunteers. ¬†Many of the parks we are staying in are owned by the Escapees club that we belong to. ¬†The members are almost exclusively full-time RV’ers and it’s been great hearing their stories of how they made the switch from a “sticks ‘n bricks” home to living and working on the road.

We attended the social hour at the office/clubhouse and then went on back to our place and enjoyed a fresh cooked meal of tossed salad, cottage cheese, grilled pork loin, and brussel sprouts.2016-04-12 18.09.50

After supper we took a walk around the park to meet some of our neighbors and get a little exercise.

Here’s a panoramic view of the park. ¬†Not a lot of trees unfortunately, we tend to like the state parks more for that reason, but staying in parks like this give us more a sense of community, since many if not all of the residents have a common interest. ¬†2016-04-12 17.13.25.jpgWe met a nice couple tonight who had been full-timing for 15 years but just recently due to some health issues found a plot of land to park their RV on and live in most of the year, but still be able to “pull in the slides” and move on down the road whenever they want.

And some more pix of the surrounding mountains from our camp.

More tomorrow night when we get to Rover’s Roost RV Park¬†outside of Casa Grande, AZ