Those Pesky Little Things (and big fingers)

So I noticed during the most recent leg of our trip (Oklahoma City to Purcell, OK) that the magnetic lights on top of the Saturn (toad vehicle) were no longer working.  So before we were to leave the Walmart parking lot, I decided I’d better investigate to find the source of the problem.

The turn signals / stop lamps are magnetically attached to the roof and a 4 wire cable runs through the hatch and through the passenger compartment, under the hood, out the grill and plugs into the trailer light receptacle at the back of the coach. 2016-04-09 15.15.28.jpg

I took the plug apart to check the wiring and see if I found a loose connection and VOILA there it was the white (ground) wire had come loose from the screw terminal inside the cast aluminum housing.

You know, I said to myself “Herb, you damn well better not drop that little screw or you’ll never find it on this pavement in the Walmart parking lot.”  Guess what?  I dropped the damn screw.

Now, although I have SOME hardware and a few tools along with us on this trip, I knew I didn’t have anything this SMALL.

The only solution was to walk on in to Walmart and buy a whole new connector (about $6) just for the screw.

Bad news is I kicked myself for letting that little devil get away from me (I was working on it on the hood of the car) but the good news is I was already at Walmart and knew they’d have trailer light connectors.

We all make fun of that store, but let’s face it, they DO have a lot of stuff and they are all over the country.

Bless you you Sam Walton