Wonderful life in Morrow County

Kathy and I, along with our then adolescent children David and Sara, were blessed with the opportunity to move from the Detroit, MI area (due to a job promotion) back in 1984.  I was working for a hospital medical equipment manufacturer and was promoted to run the service operation for the state of Ohio.  But where to live?

We looked at the Ohio map and realizing that I would most often be traveling to the larger metro areas of Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati it made sense to live somewhere off of the I-71 interstate freeway.

We looked at communities nearby and found on the map a small town called Mount Gilead.  We liked the name (hoping there was a mountain there) so we headed that way.

It’s been a wonderful life.  Kathy got a job with the local school system and we joined the local Presbyterian Church.  David got involved in scouts and Sara had her cats and rabbits to care for.  We had a swimming pool in the back yard that we all enjoyed.  We took active roles in the life of our church and we made wonderful new friends.

I stayed with the medical equipment company until 1998 when I got my real estate license and this enabled me to be home every night and to work helping all kinds of people achieve the american dream of home ownership.

I have to say that it’s been a wonderful life.  Mount Gilead has been a great place to raise a family with lots of support from caring friends.  We’ve always had friendly neighbors willing to help out when the need arises.  It’s always been nice to be able to know the guys that work on your car, your plumbing, or your taxes.  We know on a first name basis the grocer, the jeweler, the hardware store owner, the florist, the guys behind the counter at the auto parts store, the banker and the funeral director.  We all know where the other guy lives and we all trust that the work will be done properly and “I’ll bill ya’ later” is never a problem.

But as they say “All good things must come to an end” and now it’s time for Kathy and I to pull up stakes and move on down the road.

We made the decision to retire, buy a motorhome, sell or give away most of our personal possessions, and hit the road living in the motorhome full time.  It’s certainly going to be a lifestyle change and that’s what we’re looking for.  This is something I’ve dreamed of doing since I learned to drive and Kathy has become more used to the idea as time goes on.

I had a heart attack back in ’03 and Kathy had cancer in ’13 and we realize that life is short enough and can become even shorter in the blink of an eye.  We need to do this while we still can.

We’re excited about the change.  We’ll be leaving Ohio just after Labor Day 2016 and heading to Camp Verde, AZ where we’ll be RV park hosts late Sept – March.  Kathy will work in the office registering guests and keeping the office and laundry area clean and I’ll work outside cleaning up sites as guests leave, cutting grass, spraying weeds, and cleaning the bath house.  We’ll be working 2 days / week in exchange for a full hook-up site for our coach that includes electric, water, sewer, and wifi.

Then in April 0f ’17, we’ll work our way slowly back across the country, sightseeing along the way, stopping in Ohio for a bit to visit family and friends and ultimately work our way up to the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan.  We’ll be working in the Hiawatha National Forest as campground hosts for the summer 2017 season.

For those of you Morrow Countians reading this, we want to say THANK YOU for making us feel welcome in your community.  Although we weren’t born here, didn’t grow up with any of you, didn’t go to school with you or marry into your family, …. Still, you have always welcomed us with a smile and cared about us and treated us with kindness and respect.  Some of you (and you know who you are) have even come to love us like your own.  Know that we feel that love for you as well and we will miss you.

For those of you who are from our previous lives in Redford Township or South Lyon (MI), we just might see some of you as we travel through Michigan in 2017!

In any event, regardless of where you reside, you can always stay abreast of our travels and what’s happening in our lives by following this blog.  Just click on FOLLOW on the left side of this page and you will be emailed each time there is a new post.

Looking forward to more Wonderful Life ….. and all the best to you,