RC Jets – So COOL!

Each year, on the first Friday and Saturday in June, the Lake County Modelers and Flyers Association holds their annual RC Jet Rally at the Baldwin Municipal Airport.

This event is free and open to the public for all to come and see what it’s all about.  Kathy and I took a drive over on Friday to see what this was all about.  So COOL!

Although I never owned one, when I was younger some of my buddies had RC airplanes or RC boats, but JETS?  Really?  JETS?

These guys and gals have a club and, like most clubs, I’m sure they meet periodically and share ideas and talk about the art of building these beautiful birds and of course, learning to fly these things at fantastic speeds without crashing.

Although we didn’t talk to any of the participants, no questions asked, still we enjoyed see how beautiful (and fast) these guys are.  Some of them are up to about 6 feet long!

I hope you enjoy seeing these pix in the slide show below and check out the video I shot too that shows just how fast these guys shoot across the sky.

Although I’d like to play with these (like to have one of my own), I’m sure the average RC Jet hobbyist has thousands invested (too rich for my blood) and further, we’d have a hard time transporting one of these guys in the motor home.

Enjoy …

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Here’s a video I put together with some samples of the wild flying these guys are doing, I’d love to be in their shoes!