Products We Like & Use

This is the heater we use in the RV when we are dry camping (without electricity) as this heater has no fan and uses a piezo electric starter. This little guy sits on the ceramic tile floor in our kitchen, connected to the on-board motorhome propane gas supply via an 8′ flexible rubber hose, this way we can move it around on the floor as we need to. You MUST keep a nearby window CRACKED open and open the ceiling vent just a bit as well to prevent a build-up of dangerous CO gasses.

All we can say is WOW! Our son and daughter-in-law got us this for Christmas a couple years ago and it is SOOO handy and useful! We use it probably 4 or 5 times a week to cook; homemade soups, beef or pork ribs, potatoes, any vegetables (steamed), hard boiled eggs, and just so much more. There are many Facebook Instant Pot pages and tons of blogs with Instant Pot recipes. It (pressure cooks) so fast and can also be used to saute or slow-cook like a crock pot. Every household needs one of these!

This sewer hose kit comes with (2) 10′ hoses and this is great for those of us who are not in one place very long. In some RV parks a 5′ hose is adequate, sometimes you need a 20 footer. I like the swivel connectors so that no matter how the connectors are oriented, it’s super easy to work the kinks out of the hose. I try to use one of the two 10′ sections mostly so that I can always keep the other 10 footer for the occasional time I need longer. This way, by using one more than the other, I then have a “newer” hose to swap in to service when the primary one springs a leak.

Fan-Tastic Fan(s) have long been the favorite roof vent fan in RV’s. They have many different models (all the same 14.5″ square inch standard opening size), but they all are super quiet, and all have 3 speeds. Some have rain sensors, variable speed control, remote control, and more options. But if you want the quietest running, longest lasting roof vent fan, then Fantastic Fan is for you. Click the link above and then look at all the other models they have to offer.

Easy to set up, only takes one (coordinated) person (or two is better!) Zipper doors on two sides, keeps the flies away from the food and the skeeters away from the arms, neck, and legs. Amazingly, it collapses and folds back into it’s ORIGINAL package which is about 8″ square and a little over 4′ long. Once it’s in the cardboard sleeve, an outer nylon square bag zips closed to keep it clean in storage

I just can’t say enough about the FANTASTIC zoom lens on this camera. Although I used to be a Forensic Legal Evidence photographer, that was back in the days of film (a previous life). The age of digital has been upon us for some time now and the prices of super easy-to-use and excellent quality cameras continues to come down and down.

You can use the camera to shoot stills or video, using expert settings or the AUTO (Idiot) setting I like to use. It has a large LCD flip-out screen that will swivel to almost any angle AND it has a built-in wifi to use in transferring your pictures to any wifi enabled device.

Here’s an example of what the zoom lens on this camera can do (w/ just the touch of a button). Check out this video I shot of El Capitan while visiting Yosemite National Park in the fall of 2019.