My Hip Replacement Recovery

DAY ZERO Since I’m going to be spending a lot of time relaxing/exercising/therapy over the next few weeks, I thought I’d make a blog post about it. I certainly don’t expect everybody to be interested in reading past even the first paragraph, but it’ll interest me a few years from now (or sooner) when I … Continue reading My Hip Replacement Recovery

Camp Hosting @ Dale Hollow Lake State Park, Kentucky

May 28, 2021 Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park is located at the southernmost point of central Kentucky. A large majority of the lake is actually in Tennessee although the park is in Kentucky. Dale Hollow Lake is about 26,000 acres while the more famous Lake Cumberland (just to the north and east on the … Continue reading Camp Hosting @ Dale Hollow Lake State Park, Kentucky

Herb & Kathy’s Christmas Greeting

This is a two-part greeting. The first (and most important) part is our Christmas greeting to you, while the second part is a re-cap of our 2020 year. We sure hope you’ll take the time to read the first few paragraphs at least, and then if you’re interested in how this year has gone for … Continue reading Herb & Kathy’s Christmas Greeting

Really? Unlimited Streaming for only $25/mo ???

Yes that’s right … truly unlimited streaming for just $25 a month. It CAN happen and Kathy and I have been taking advantage of this great value for a full year now. And you can too. And when I say $25 per month I mean TOTAL cost. No additional taxes, fees, or hidden charges. And … Continue reading Really? Unlimited Streaming for only $25/mo ???

Off The Road During Covid

Well, it’s November 2020 and we continue to lay low in Ohio during this Covid 19 pandemic. You might remember that we sold the house in Ohio and hit the road full-time in September of 2016 and up until a few months ago, we had no thoughts of stopping our travel and volunteering lifestyle anytime … Continue reading Off The Road During Covid

Home Safe In Ohio

The first image at the top of this post is of Sara and Kathy out on the side porch working on cutting material to be used in making masks. It was a whirlwind February and March with our traveling in the coach from Arizona to Mexico for a couple weeks then back to Arizona by … Continue reading Home Safe In Ohio

Heading East Night 1

I had a last-minute medical test Monday morning that should’ve taken about 45 minutes but it end up being about 2 hours due to some miscommunication between my doctor and the hospital. But in any case it led to a delayed departure from the Roost. The rig was all ready except to pull the plug … Continue reading Heading East Night 1

Made It Through The Gauntlet (Kind of)

On Wednesday morning three rigs left our other RV friends at La Jolla Beach Camp and headed back to the good ‘ol U.S.A. The rest of the group (24 rigs) were moving on the same day but heading south further into Baja California. Some were going over to the Sea of Cortez at San Felipe … Continue reading Made It Through The Gauntlet (Kind of)

Giving Back to Our Hosts

NOTE: This post was started about a week earlier but I ran out of data on my Mexican (Telcel) phone and so I no longer had a hot spot for wifi to my computer, so I’m finishing up this post while we are back at Rover’s Roost in Casa Grande Arizona where my Visible phone … Continue reading Giving Back to Our Hosts