Remember When?

One of my favorite RV related publications is Chuck Woodbury’s e-newsletter that is published free of charge every weekend. I want to talk about Chuck’s publication a little bit and then I’ll move on to the meat of this post – remembering a little slice of my childhood (and maybe yours too!)

Chuck has been a travel writer for over 30 years and although he and his publishing company are based out of the Seattle area, he and his wife are on the road in their motorhome extensively throughout the year while simultaneously managing the 20th year of continuous publication of

If you’re an RV’er (or an RV wanabee) I encourage you to sign up for Chuck’s newsletter that is chock full of RV tips, product reviews, campground reviews, on-the-road stories from contributing writers, recall notices, industry news, and more.

The RV Travel Newsletter is published every Saturday while the News For RV’ers is published every Sunday. Additionally, RV Daily Tips is published Monday through Friday. You can sign up for all or some of the three publications and although sign-up is free, they do also offer an “advertiser free” version for a minimal fee that I think you’ll find to be a great value.

Every time I read one of Chuck’s publications I learn something of value, something that helps us in our full-time RV lifestyle. And sometimes there’s a human interest story or some comic relief thrown in for good measure. This week’s story really hit home with me.

This past week, the story that caught my eye was the story of A.C. Gilbert. Gilbert was the founder of the Mysto Toy Company. Their many products that we played with in the 50’s and 60’s included the Erector Set and American Flyer train sets.

Here’s Chuck’s original post in his January 1, 2021 “Editor’s Roadside Journal“. Be sure to take the time to watch the video – it’s lengthy (about 30 minutes) but you just might see something familiar from the past – I know I did.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you ever played with any of these toys. What do you remember about them?

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?