Boomerville Winding Down

Kathy was a bit apprehensive about coming out to the desert and camping without hook-ups. We’ve dry camped from time to time in the past, but it’s been just a night or two.

This was going to be over a week! I worked to assure her it would be fine. We’ve been conserving our water usage, (we have a 54 gallon fresh water tank) and so far (it’s been a full week today) we haven’t run out or filled our gray or black tanks to the point we have to go into town to dump.

Our new solar installation is working great, we’ve not had to fire up the generator at all. We might be down to 12.3 volts or so when I get up in the morning, but by 10 am or so, were back up to over 13 volts .. even on the one cloudy day we had!

We’ve made one more upgrade to our coach by buying two Battle Born 12v 100ah batteries. These will replace the four Trojan 6v golf cart batteries we currently have. You learn about the advantages of lithium batteries here.

6 Battle Born 100 amphours lithium batteries

We’ve enjoyed our time here in the desert with about 200 other rigs and all of these folks at “Boomerville” are members of our Escapees RV club.

Sunrise today

There have been activities all week, almost hourly. We’ve been able to; attend and learn at various educational seminars, enjoy afternoon happy hours and pot luck meals, caravan to the Desert Bar, attend “The Big Tent” RV show here in Quartzsite, raise money for the Escapees RV Club C.A.R.E. center through auctions and buying delicious pancake breakfast, and tons more.

Our auction to benefit C.A.R.E.

Tomorrow (Friday) were going to pull out of Boomerville and move on up about 20 miles or so and spend a couple days with our friends Brian and Jeanette who are camping “in the boonies” with no one else around. We’ll head back to Rovers Roost no later than Sunday.

I’ll fill you in later on the Lithium battery upgrade along with our trip to Mexico with 26 other rigs.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?