I haven’t posted for the longest time and I’ve been feeling guilty about that. I wanted to fill you in on what’s been going on and where we’ve been over the last couple of months. The reason I haven’t posted is because we’ve had very limited wifi.

Our Verizon Jet Pack has a 25 gig data per month limit, but now we’re using a new service that gives us UNLIMITED data for only $25/month (more on that later) and so now we can post pictures and video without worrying about going over our data limit.

We left our volunteer gig at D.C. Booth National Historic Fish Hatchery in Spearfish, SD on Sept 18th and made our way west to Yellowstone National Park for about a week.

While there we camped about 20 miles east of the east entrance to Yellowstone at Wapiti (waapadee) Campground in the Shoshone National Forest. It was a nice small (electric only) campground with about 40 sites and a host couple. We were able to stay there for only $8 a night with our America The Beautiful Senior Pass. We would like to have stayed right IN Yellowstone, but the campgrounds in the park were pretty full and a little tight for our 36′ motorhome and we figured the 20 minute ride into the park was not a big inconvenience.

Our camp site at Wapiti Campground about 20 miles east of Yellowstone NP

We were planning on spending 8 days visiting Yellowstone and our first day was rainy and about 40 degrees. We drove in through the drizzle in the morning and visited a few of the sites and then decided since we had a few more days to visit we’d head on back home to our site and try for better weather tomorrow.

Boy were we in for a surprise! As we headed east toward the east gate, a Park Ranger was blocking the road and advised us that Sylvan Pass (10,000′ elev.) was closed because “the plows can’t keep up with the snow”! We had no choice but to turn around and either find a room in one of the parks two lodges or retreat out one of the 3 other park exits and make our way back to Wapiti.

As it turned out, ultimately we had to go out the south entrance, through Jackson Hole and then head southeast through Dubois and Riverton and then back north through Thermopolis and Cody, then finally back to Wapiti Campground. It was a 540 mile day – we left Yellowstone about 4 p.m. and got back to camp around 12:30 a.m. What a trip!

Our 540 mile trip from YNP down to Riverton, up to Cody and back west to Wapiti

But subsequent days offered us a wonderful time seeing many of the “hot pots” including Old Faithful along with beautiful waterfalls and a few wild animals as well!

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Just one of the many waterfalls in Yellowstone NP
We saw swans more than once … so graceful
Bison Crossing The Road
Old Faithful

If you’ve never been to Yellowstone National Park, I’d like to tell you that you should plan on spending a few days there … especially if you like to hike. Even if you’re just driving through the park in your car and using the pull-offs to stop and see the scenery, it can (and should) take days. Even though we visited in mid-September after schools were back in session, it was still a busy park. There’s just so much to see.

The “Dragon’s Mouth”

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6 thoughts on “Yellowstone

  1. So glad to see you posting again. I am truly bad about keeping up my blog. We are sitting still, for now, so not a lot to blog about. Loved all the photos and videos!!! I’m curious as to who you went with for your phone and wi fi. 😉

    1. Hi Char and Dave hope all is well with you we truly visited a lot of beautiful and unique places on our way back to Arizona I will be posting more in the near future I will send you an email about the new cell phone program that we went with only $25 a month unlimited works great take care bye for now

  2. Hi Herb and Kathy. Donna and Wm Ireland PMO Baldwin. Good to see all the beautiful pictures and hope you have a wonderful holiday and please stay warm Back in Florida we are a bit chlly today 57D and windy. But better then 12 or more inches of snow. Best Wishes..

    1. Donna, there is definitely no need to explain to us who you are — We can never forget you two and the great times at PMO. We are planning to come to PMO for a visit at Labor Day 2020 but 1st we will be in FL for two weeks in the middle of March and hope to be able to hook up with a few of the PMO folks while we are there, hope to see you too, don’t remember what town you are in. We leave AZ March 1st, visit folks in TX and AL and then to FL for two weeks b4 heading up to NC for Workamping gig April, May, June (through 4th of July) then to OH to spend a month or more with the kids b4 heading to PMO for a few days. Thanks so much for following along and give our best to William for us!

  3. So great! Takes us back in memories to our Yellowstone visit in September 1976. That was the Bicentennial year. We camped with a tent borrowed from Dick and Sonnie Wiehe. We had a bucket of water that froze over in the morning. But the park is truly beautiful with a site around every turn. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Alberta! Thanks for being one of our loyal followers and especially commenting and letting us know you’re there! I remember Dick and Sonnie .. brings back memories of my talks with them when I’d go in the store. We hope all is well with you.

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