OK, so I’ll chime in …

We see so many references to “cooking with my Instant Pot”, it seems to be the new craze. (Or maybe not NEW anymore, I’m sure there’s some other new kitchen gadget out by now – We’re just behind the times.)

In any event, we really do love our Instant Pot. Thanks to our son and daughter-in-law (David and Lisa) who gave us our Instant Pot (IP) for Christmas a couple years ago, we are now fans as well.

We have to admit .. it was kind of intimidating at first. But as we experimented we came to really appreciate the; convenience, the speed, how easy it cleans up, and how thoroughly it cooks our meat and veggies through and through. It’s a very precise cooker, being controlled by a microprocessor so the cooking is highly repeatable. Just set HI, MED, or LOW and set the time, then push START. It’ll tell you when it’s up to pressure, when it starts timing, and when it’s done! Easy-Peazy..

We enjoy cooking (and eating); cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, corn on the cob, Acorn Squash, zuchinni, Spaghetti Squash, chicken (tenderloins, breasts, thighs) beef or pork ribs. And if we’re going to a pot luck, we even take homemade potato salad where you cook the potatoes AND the eggs together in less than 5 minutes!

But here’s a video on my favorite dish. Simple as can be and there are links at the bottom of the video to purchase any of the products featured in the video.

Full Disclaimer –
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Here are some links to the products in the video

https://amzn.to/2Yu1F4b – Instant Pot 6 Qt.
https://amzn.to/2UaDust – Coleman Table Top Propane Gas Grill
https://amzn.to/2UT71UI – Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce
https://amzn.to/2HIDYQS – Silicone Basting Brush
(You’ll need to buy the ribs at the local grocery stored, eh?)

If you don’t already have an IP, and if you’re like us and don’t have a lot of counter room, the IP cooker is ideal in that you can load it up, lock the top and then with one hand, you can easily set it on the floor to cook.

We live in our motor home full-time. We had precious little table and/or counter space and having the ability to set this device on the floor just below the front of the fridge frees up table and counter space so we can prepare our salad while the main course is cooking.

So take a look and I suggest buying the original Instant Pot rather than a less expensive imitation. You’ll be glad you did … if you use it. Like anything else, if it sits on your counter or in a cupboard and doesn’t get used – then it’s worthless.

Thanks for coming along ….

6 thoughts on “OK, so I’ll chime in …

  1. Hi! We just passed you near Meadow UT.
    We think you are an inspiring couple who encourages many to follow their dreams with their sweetheart. Happy trails to you!

    1. Hey Nicole how great to hear from you! And thanks for the heads up on the fact that the branding is working! Are you guys RVers as well? Safe travels to you. Look for us on Facebook

  2. We got an Instant Pot a year and a half ago but just did start using it a few months ago. David usually does the cooking with it and LOVES trying new things in it. We got a cookbook from a friend, called “Great Food Fast” by Bob Warden and David has tried a number of recipes in there. One of our favorites is the brownies. OH YUM!!!! He’s made Chicken N Cheesy Rice, Shrimp Alfredo….Sausage Gravy….there are a lot more we want to try.
    Like I said, it took us awhile to get up the courage to try using it but now we use it more than any other appliance. Oh he does love the Air Fryer, too. And, I like the Electric Skillet. Can you tell I am not a real fan of cooking on Propane?? LOL

    Keep sharing recipes 😉

  3. We love ours, too. It enabled us to get rid of our slow cooker and is much more convenient for cooking. I’ve been looking and researching the Ninja Foodi, which pressure, slow cooks, and air fries all in one pot. I just want to see one in person so I know it will fit on the countertop. My favorite Instapot recipe is “clean the refrigerator” soup–we always make it the night before a grocery run to clear out any veggies we have hanging around and add any meat we pull from the freezer. It’s never the same twice and always reliably yummy! Good video and post, guys!

    1. You know .. the only soup weve made has been a sort of chicken tortilla soup, but thanks for the tip, we will give it a try. I like the fact that it doesn’t take two hands to move and once we load it up, we can move it easily to the floor to cook while we work on other parts of the meal. Thanks for your comments and the idea!

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