Finally – The Leak Is Fixed!

We bought our Airstream motorhome (2002 model) in late 2015 and shortly afterward we noticed that part of the oak trim down by the floor was stained as if it had been wet at some time in the past.

This is the 6″ wide oak trim that runs the height of the living room slide

This piece of trip runs from floor to ceiling on the slide immediately behind the driver’s seat.

Initially, before we replaced all the carpeting with vinyl plank flooring, we were not really aware of the leak because it was small and “wicked” into the carpeting under the couch in the slide. But when we removed the carpet and padding to prepare for the new vinyl flooring, we could then see the effect the water leak had on the carpet and the padding.

This shows the subfloor and the new vinyl plank flooring being installed – the spot that showed evidence of water was located behind the driver’s seat

Since that time we’ve been watching the floor behind the driver’s seat very closely anytime it rained when we were parked with the living room slide in the out position. We never saw any water when the slide was in, but it seemed anytime it rained – even just a little – produced a small puddle of water on the vinyl floor.

We’ve worked at making sure we carefully leveled the coach anytime we parked at a new location. Using the hydraulic leveling system, we would have the coach tipped slightly to the left so as to allow any water on the top of the slide to run off outboard.

Hydraulic leveling system controls
The boys at West RV in Livingston, TX in Jan ’18 installing our new slide topper

We even replaced the slide “topper” in hopes that this would cure the problem. No luck. So we resigned ourselves to the need to bring the slide in anytime rain was in the forecast. Although this is not a HUGE deal, it is inconvenient for whoever is trying to see the TV while sitting on the couch. And since this person is typically KATHY, it was becoming a thorn in MY side if it was going to rain and I decided it was time to pull in the slide!

The way our coach is designed, the TV is mounted on the left side of the cabin, so if the slide is “in” then the side wall of the slide comes in and partially blocks the TV from view of anyone sitting on the couch

But now that we’ve been basically in one place for a few months, and there’s a shop here at the RV park that has tools we can use , we’ve taken this opportunity to get into some repair and update projects …. and this slide issue is one of them.

I got a step ladder from the shop and started taking a good look at the top of the slide. I also took a good look at the bedroom slide as well since we never get any water in there. “What is it about the bedroom slide that’s different from the living room slide?” I asked myself.

Once I got up on the ladder (knees shaking) I looked closely at the bedroom slide and the top and side gaskets. The picture below shows how the side (vertical) gasket tucks in BEHIND the top (horizontal) gasket. In addition, ALL the gaskets are glued to the body of the coach from the INSIDE, so they had to be installed at the factory first before the slide was installed in to the opening. The light green metal box in the picture below is the frame opening in the body of the coach. With this gasket configuration, any water that might pool on the top of the slide is caught by the top gasket and wind (or pitch of the coach) allows it to run to the front or rear end where it then drips off the edge and onto the ground below or onto the vertical gasket (that takes the water away at the bottom). This is the way ALL the gaskets should be installed in all the slides.

BUT … Look at how I found the gasket on the front of the living room slide!

Living room slide gasket installed incorrectly

Two things are wrong here. First, the vertical slide gasket is installed on the OUTSIDE of the body opening instead of the inside. Was this installed incorrectly from the factory in 2002? Or did someone have the slide out sometime in the past 17 years and replace the gasket (incorrectly) for some reason?

Secondly, the side (vertical) gasket is “outside” of the top horizontal slide gasket. This always then allows any water on the top of the slide to travel toward the front of the coach and immediately run in behind the side gasket and on down the wall of the slide and into our living room!

Since it wasn’t feasible or practical for me to move the vertical gasket to the inside of the body opening (without removing the slide) I found the solution was to trim a little off the top of the vertical gasket so that it could be tucked in under the top gasket. I then put an ample amount of silicone sealant on the lap joint to keep it in that position.

My fix was to trim the vertical gasket and tuck it under the horizontal gasket

Right after I made this change, we hit it lucky and it rained for about 2 solid days here in Arizona. At times the wind was about 25-30 mph. And you know what?


My Airstream buddy Ed Leland down in Florida has the same make, model, and vintage coach as ours and so I’m anxious to find out how his is put together and if he’s ever had any problem with water infiltration. I know he’ll read this post and I’ll bet he’ll go right outside and take a close look!

Here’s the 100% Silicone Sealant that I used. It’s available from our Amazon Store by clicking on the image below.

Thanks for riding along …. Oh, and by the way … we have a new logo for our brand … whatta ya think?

Our new logo … We’ll use it on our web site, YouTube channel, and more

10 thoughts on “Finally – The Leak Is Fixed!

  1. Wow, glad you found it. We are in the process of a leak repair but unfortunately it’s quit a bit more involved than your repair was. It’s going to keep us stationary for 6-8 wks min. 🙁

    1. WOW — That’s a bummer for sure … We sure hope the repairs go well and we can look forward to hooking up with you two again next winter. Give our best to Darlene

    1. Thanks Dawn, we’re leaving here (AZ) end of March and head to MT for 3 months then SD for 3 months then back down here next late fall

  2. SAME EXACT LEAK! Not bad, just annoying. Thanks for doing my legwork Herb. I had to bring my slide in today for a passing storm here in Georgia. Why didn’t you post this yesterday? LOL

    My TV is mounted in the center so we can still watch TV from the couch though.

    1. Ed, WOW! Check your gasket … curious if yours is on the inside or the outside. Sorry I didn’t get this post done earlier 🙂 Good Luck

    2. I checked yesterday and my gasket is perfect, Honestly, I really haven’t noticed any new water intrusion since I recaulked the top of the trim band at floor level all the way around the coach late last summer. It was clear silicone and lost it;s adhesion. I recaulked with a Sonneborne gray color . I bring the slide in during heavy rain as a precaution and habit. You might check that joint on your’s Herb.

      1. Ed, so glad to know you don’t have the same problem. We had our coach at Jackson Center last year and paid them to install new seal at ALL exterior joints. The trim board around perimter, where the roof meets the side walls, where the front and rear end caps meet the walls and roof, around all the roof openings, around all windows, ….. everywhere as I’m paranoid about water infiltration causing delam of the walls. All is good now

    1. Only if she let’s me Chuck! Thanks for commenting, it let’s me know that someone actually reads these posts. We are here in AZ until the end of March, then head up to MT and SD for the summer. Take care .. give our best to Joanne

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