Storm Came Through Our Park (Video)

We had a severe rain and wind storm a couple nights ago here at Pere Marquette Oaks RV Resort near Baldwin, Michigan.  We knew it was coming and went around the RV park to warn folks and tell them to take in their awnings and secure any lightweight items like plastic chairs and such.

The newscast said winds would be about 50-60 mph so we were expecting it, but it came up SO FAST!

Kathy was out just as the storm was moving into the area.  She was directing the ladies that were arriving to the clubhouse for the Ladies Golf Outing Dinner – showing them where they could park.

Sara and I went over to the pavilion to watch the storm – she and I always use to enjoy sitting on the porch or out in the garage watching a good storm – the more thunder and lightning the better.

Just as Kathy’s parking duties were done, she walked over to join us at the pavilion and then it hit – and the power went out. Good thing the ladies dinner was a pot-luck and the clubhouse has plenty of windows!

The video shows how strong the wind was, although it seemed a LOT worse there in person than it does on the video.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words … and these new digital cameras are amazing but still, they just don’t show the true enormity or depth of the experience in person.

The power was out from Tuesday about 7 pm when the storm hit and power was restored Wednesday night about 10:30. Since the park has well water, no power meant no running water either. Many of us keep some water in our fresh water holding tank so we could shower and use the commode, but had to make sure our gray and black water holding tank valves were closed so that nothing went into the park sewer system. If the power is out, then the sewer system pumps don’t work either.  Others took advantage of the 5 gallon buckets placed at the swimming pool so they could carry pool water back to their units so they could flush the commode.

I was told that one individual even took a bucket of water from the hot tub (still warm) to shower at the shower outside the bath house!

After the storm, many hands made light work as we cut up tree limbs and removed the debris down to “the pit” where it’ll all be burned during the winter when there’s no chance of starting a forest fire.

It’s all over now, but was plenty of excitement while it lasted and some sore backs and leg muscles after the cleanup was all done.
Many thanks to all that helped.

And now on to the Labor Day weekend festivities !!

4 thoughts on “Storm Came Through Our Park (Video)

  1. Quite a storm. Having survived Irmaria last September, we know that a video just does not show,the enormity of the storm or disaster afterward. Glad you all survived just fine. Appears there was not a whole lot of damage, but different life w/o electricity! It is amazing how those storms hit with such suddenness! Has that ever happened before? 60 mph winds??

    1. Hadn’t seen it here before. Town is desimated, church roof torn, straight line winds broke trees halfway up. Lots of lines down, houses crushed, still no power lots of places, about 30 power contractor trucks all over town. We have our 8kw diesel generator built into the coach, so we just pushed the button and had power for coffee and tv everything else is 12 volt or propane so no worry. Fortunately we had water in our fresh water tank so we could just turn on the pump, since we are on well water and no electric means no water (as you are well aware) people were using pool water to flush their commodes

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