Just Havin’ Fun With The Dogs On The Water

Just a goofy post here – nothing of consequence, but Sara and Stu have come to visit us here at Pere Marquette Oaks RV Park for a few days and last night after supper Stu and I took the dogs for a nice (cool) boat ride on Big Star Lake.

4 thoughts on “Just Havin’ Fun With The Dogs On The Water

  1. Hey tell Stew Jeff and Peg (leg) said hi. Miss your Theraphy sessions. So whT state are u in.?

    1. They’ve gone back to the motel for the night, but we’ll read them your comment in the morning. Stu is having fun going out fishing while Sara is here and keeping her Mommy company. We are working at the RV park here in Baldwin, Michigan near Ludington on the Lake Michigan shore

  2. Sweet, looks cool (temp). Starting out tomorrow for East Jordan. Arriving Friday June 8th and we’ll be parked on the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix. Looking forward to the cool Northern Michigan weather again.

    1. Larry, let us know once you get settled in and we’ll take a trip up to see you guys

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