Workamping Fun at Rainbow’s End RV Park Livingston, TX

We are wrapping up our Workamping experience at the Escapees RV Club park known as “Rainbow’s End.

This was the first park built in the system back in the late ’70’s.  There were a handful of die-hard full-time RV’ers that donated their time and their talents to build this park.

This is also the home of the clubs National Headquarters and mail service that serves nearly 10,000 members and handles 25,000 pieces of mail daily.

We arrived October 15, 2017 and Kathy has been working in the office 8 hrs/week checking in new arrivals and taking reservations on the phone.  I’ve been working 12 hrs/week outside maintaining the grounds and the buildings.

In exchange for the combined 20 hrs/week we receive a free full hook-up site and utilities.  Laundry allowance is not provided.

Here’s a 6 minute video that I put together showing some of the amenities of the park and what the workampers get involved in during a typical week.

I’m also learning to use a new video editing software, so please bear with me and some of the features I’ve been experimenting with like; titles, transitions, voice-overs, fade-in and fade-out, and music.

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Thanks for riding along with us and we look forward to the time we can meet up down the road.

Although we’re currently in Livingston, TX … we’re heading out Jan 14th for Florida for the month of February, then back to TX the last couple weeks of March, then (through Ohio) and up to Baldwin, Michigan for our summer workamping job, and in the fall of ’18 we’ll be in Albuquerque, NM working at the International Balloon Fiesta for a few weeks before we head to our winter home at Casa Grande, Arizona.

Here’s the video

2 thoughts on “Workamping Fun at Rainbow’s End RV Park Livingston, TX

  1. Thanks for the video on workamping at Livingston. We met you guys on Thanksgiving, parked right across from you! Enjoyed our time there. Hope to meet up with you again on our travels.

    1. Char, thanks for reading and thanks for the note. I remember you the “traveling Revs” right” We are in Orlando right now at the fairgrounds for the annual ham radio convention, then back to Bushnell for the rest of Feb, then back to Livingston for a couple weeks in March helping with the health fair at the Care Center, then work our way SLOWLY up to Ohio (April) to visit family, and May up to Mich for our summer workamping gig. Stay in touch on RVillage and we can see where we each are parked at. Who knows, we might find ourselves at the same park sometime again. Travel safe.

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