How Do We Know We’re Not Going To Freeze Down Below?

Call me worried … call me paranoid … but when winter comes (even in east Texas) and shows it’s ugly head, I worry about whether or not we are really set for any below freezing temps.

Having worked as a Realtor the last 20 years of my working life, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to see vacant homes get nearly destroyed as a result of freezing temperatures.

On the surface, everything seems fine.  But in a very short time-frame things can turn ugly in a hurry.

The video below shows a couple of steps we take to make sure that we can get FAR below freezing temps outside and still have a safe water supply in our RV for both drinking and bathing.

If you have any other safeguards that you take to protect your RV, or for that matter your sticks ‘n bricks house, I’d be interested to hear about what steps you take.

Thanks for reading and thanks for riding along.  Safe travels to you.

5 thoughts on “How Do We Know We’re Not Going To Freeze Down Below?

    1. Hey Dawn .. the temps are moderating here, up to 60 today and sunny. Today was our LAST day of work here at the park (Hooray!) and we’ll be leaving here Sunday the 15th heading to FL for the month of Feb (Bushnell Escapee Park), then back here late March for a volunteer job for a week before we start making our way north through Ohio to Michigan for our summer job.
      We just were awarded a lease lot at Escapee park in Casa Grande, AZ where we’ll winter next year so we’ll be able to join all you Boomers in Q in Jan 2019. Looking forward to being in Q again. Take Care

      1. Congratulations on your last day and heading to Florida! Not sure if we’ll be back to Q or not next year, we’ll have to see. We’re headed to the Scottsdale area in February and then sort of undecided–CA, Vegas–Grand Canyon area for sure. We will be in Ohio in June for a graduation/family get together. Looking forward to following your adventures, for sure.

  1. Herb, nice job. Mod’s to keep the water moving. I decided to add some to the fresh water tank, disconnected and drained water lines. Always lots of fun. Thanks for the heads up on the Thermo Cubes.

    1. Thanks Larry .. I first came across ThermoCube when I was installing heat tape in my rain gutters to keep the snow from freezing in the gutters. Ice dams up under the roof shingles as a result of frozen gutters can really do a lot of damage to the sheeting under the shingles. I had to learn that the hard way … years ago. But I don’t have those worries anymore

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