Airstream Motorhome Exterior Tour

Are you a current RV’er?  Do you travel pulling a travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer? Or do you drive a motorhome and pull a car or truck behind?

We’ve had a fifth wheel trailer in the past and this is our 2nd motorhome.  We enjoy the freedom that the motorhome gives us, along with the ease of parking when it comes to our evening camping spot.

We’ve owned this Airstream motorhome for about two years now and although we’ve looked at other rigs out there – both newer and older along with bigger and smaller … we think this 2002 36′ coach is just right for the two of us and our full-time RV travels.

I made this video of the exterior of our coach to give others who might not be aware of some of the features of many class A motorhomes an idea of what to expect.  For those of you who might currently own a motorhome, it might be interesting for you to see some of the differences between ours and what you currently own.

Although there are a lot of similarites from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model, there are also a lot of differences and this video just points out some of the features of our 2002 Airstream 365 XC Diesel Pusher motorhome.

I hope you enjoy seeing our coach and what it has to offer.  I’ll be publishing a companion video that will feature the interior and further explain some of the inside systems.

In the meantime, we just completed our interior remodel (paint, light & bath fixtures, etc) and you can see that video by following this link

4 thoughts on “Airstream Motorhome Exterior Tour

  1. Thanks for sharing your remodel. Beautifully done. Something I’d like for us to do down the road. Especially getting rid of carpet and going to hard surface flooring.

    1. Look at all the vinyl plank flooring out there. Softer and quieter than the laminate products and much easier to install too. But you’ll want to put down a thin underlayment. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment.

    1. Thanks much Dawn, the longer we have it and make it “ours”, the more we like it and the less we look for something different. I’m still learning in this retirement lifestyle to be happy with what I have instead of thinking that more and bigger material things will bring happiness. What’s really important is deepening our relationship with each other.

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