WOW! What a Blast – Friends We’ve Seen Along The Way

The reason (or so we thought) that we embarked on our full-time RV lifestyle on Labor Day of 2016 was to fulfill our desire to travel and see as much of this beautiful country of ours that we could.

We’ve seen a lot of sites since then, but there’s still so much more to go and we could spend a lot more time in any specific area to allow us to explore more deeply, so it’s very likely we’ll be going back again to many places in future years to do so.


But what has really turned out to be a wonderful benefit of traveling and not being on a “vacation” type schedule (running from place to place) is that we’ve been able to meet up with and spend time with family and “old” friends (not to say they are OLD by any means!).

This blog post features some pictures of those we’ve met up with along the way. Some are “NEW” friends and some are our “OLD” friends.

Unfortunately, although I had every intention of taking a “selfie” of us altogether at every meetup, we occasionally parted company without remembering to shoot a pix, so I’m listing those folks as well.  If I’ve missed you in this post, I apologize.  If you’re reading this and you can send me a picture of yourself, I’d really appreciate it.  My email address is

I know many of you won’t know any of these folks, but I also know it’ll be fun for those that are in the pictures to see some of the others and remember times past along with the brief time we spent together in the last year or so.

I’m going to post the pictures into a collage, you will be able to click on any individual photo to enlarge that particular picture to see a “zoomed in” view.  The zoomed-in view will also let you see a brief description of who they are and our relationship.

5 thoughts on “WOW! What a Blast – Friends We’ve Seen Along The Way

    1. Yes Dawn, unfortunately we didn’t get a good shot of you and Mike when we were together. Too many times we’ve parted company with folks and when we get 10 minutes down the road we say “CRAP! – We forgot to get a picture!”
      We’re excited to spend time with more new friends tonight – there’s a stargazing evening with John & Brenda of GeoAstro, Mark & Julie of RV Love, and Eric of Epic Nomad TV (and many others)

      1. I got one good photo of Kathy and you, the rest I lost when I had a computer snafu involving a cup of coffee (all those I took at the donut shop–ugh!) 🙂 I have plans of doing a similar post as you did (I’ll try not to copy though!). We had the opportunity to meet Eric, Jenna, Laura, and John while we were in San Antonio (please say our hellos!)–wonderful people, too. You’ll have so much fun! I can’t wait to meet Julie and Marc in the future. RVers are just incredibly nice all the way around. Wish we were there to stargaze with y’all! Can’t wait to read the post about it. 🙂 Take care!

  1. Wondered if Kathy has heard they are just now finishing demolishing the Edison School Building?
    I’ll post a photo on Facebook and there’s an online story in the Sentinel. Alberta

    1. Hi Alberta, .. Yes we’ve seen some of what Donna (and others) have posted. It’s disheartening to see it go, but I guess it’s just all the name of progress .. just wonder what progress an empty lot will bring to the village …
      Thanks for stopping by … we’ll be around Mt G during April, perhaps we’ll see you then!

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