How to get rid of the varmint

Struggling to get rid of that cute but pesky little varmint. Should I use a BB gun? Maybe a live trap? Maybe some rat poison? Should I worry about what is most humane? Watch the short video below.

Let me know your thought on this (below in comments) or if you have any other ideas on how I might get rid of this little fella.

One thought on “How to get rid of the varmint

  1. Use a 5 gal bucket with an empty paper towel roll covered with peanut butter and a wood slat leading up to the edge. The chipmunk reaches to eat the pb and falls into the bucket unharmed and you take it a mile away and dump it!!!!!????!¡!! Add water in bottom for a less hane but permanent solution.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?