Our First “official” Week On The Job

It’s been a few days since I’ve written … we’ve been keeping busy here at the park.  Our new workamper partners, Russ & Mary arrived on Sunday the 14th and our first official day of work was the 15th.  The first few days of that week we all worked together to get the place “open” for the season.

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Pere Marquette Oaks RV Park is a beautiful park.  There are about 115 RV sites here.  All the lots are individually owned and each property owner is responsible for all the upkeep of their lot with the exception of the grass mowing and trimming which is paid for by the association from the annual association fees.  They hire the crew from the golf course across the street to take care of the turf and those guys come over every Tuesday morning to mow and trim and blow off all the edges.

This first full week the guys pressure washed all the concrete surfaces around the pool deck, the sidewalks, and the picnic pavilion.  We used a pretty slick tool that I wasn’t familiar with called a “PowerFit Surface Cleaner“.  This attaches to the gas powered pressure washer and helps to easily clean the concrete surfaces.

The ladies did the initial “deep cleaning” of the bathrooms to make them spic ‘n span for the season.  We brought out all the tables, chairs, and umbrellas to arrange around the pool … washing everything down as we set them up.  We installed the sand volleyball and badminton nets.  We worked to stabilize the pool and hot tub chemicals so that the water would be clean, balanced, and safe for everyone to use this Memorial Day weekend.

Our site here at the park is close to the main entrance so Kathy and I get to see everyone as they come and go.  Part of our responsibilities include “cruising” the park 3 or 4 times daily in the golf cart and just being aware of anything looking out of the ordinary on residents sites.

Although there are 15-20 folks that are here all summer, many of the sites are unoccupied during the week while their owners are downstate working and then they come “up north” on the weekend, so our weekends are often going to be “full house”, especially on holiday weekends like this Memorial Day weekend.

Kathy and I will be taking some day trips around northern Michigan and we’ll share some of that with you as time goes on.  Thanks for stopping by and we’d love it if you’d leave a note with your thoughts …

9 thoughts on “Our First “official” Week On The Job

  1. Had a good chuckle this morning as to your post. Sounds like work, but the golf cart thing throws it all off. – “park security”? Lol
    Seriously looks like you are living in the lap of luxuty there in that well manicured park. Look forward to your next post.
    Much love,
    B & B

    1. Yes, the cart with the sign on it shows we are “official”, since it gets parked in our drive for one week and then Russ and Mary’s the next week, it lets the residents know who’s on duty that week

  2. I really enjoy your site and your comments, the emails with pictures. I wish I had picked your brain on how you do all of it. I guess you pay a monthly fee for the website, I like the way it allows interaction with your friends and security not provided on Facebook. Keep the info coming!! We may head that way some day!!!

    1. Yes we pay an annual site hosting fee. It is a WordPress site. Go to wordpress.com to learn more. We will be in Mich until fall, then in Livingston, TX for the winter

      1. We’d like to see you again, so if you start over this way (‘tween MI and TX) let us know!

  3. It looks like a really nice park. How many hours are you and Kathy working per week?

    1. Hi Cathy.. We work about 2 hours each day for 7 days, then we’re off for 7 days. You guys have just a couple more weeks of work?

      1. Dang I could get used to that myself! Yeah we are hooking up next Saturday. We are heading to Nashville then to Indiana before heading that way. I’ll shoot you guys a message if it looks like we can get up to your neck of the woods before heading to Central Lake Michigan. It would be great to meet up 😊

      2. Cathy, what did you mean by “central Lake Michigan”? I’m sure you won’t be out in the middle of the lake! We are just about half way between Grand Rapids and Traverse City, so if you’re anywhere along the lakeshore, I’m sure we can meet up. It’d be great to see you guys again.

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