A Beautiful Day In A Beautiful State Park

Since we are spending two nights at Raccoon Valley RV Park at Heiskell, TN, we had today to do a little sightseeing.  We decided to check out Norris Dam State Park and if we were up to it after that we’d drive on in to Knoxville to see the Sunsphere tower adjacent to the Knoxville Convention Center.

The state park was very beautiful and peaceful.  It seemed as though we were the only ones there.  We started our visit by stopping at the dam West End Overlook.  From there we had a great view of the Norris Dam, the spillway, and the hydro-electric plant.  From there we drove on down to the marina and then to the drive over the top of the dam and on into the campground area.

I don’t know how many campsites they have, but they have over 20 really nice cabins.  We only saw one occupied camp site and all of the cabins were vacant.  It’s mid-week and the season really hasn’t begun just yet.

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After leaving the dam and the campground, but before exiting the park, we stumbled upon another attraction at the park; the old water driven Grist Mill and the museum.

There were a few kids playing in the stream at the outlet side of the mill while their mothers watched nearby and just a couple of other visitors to the museum.  Here’s the video of the little ones playing in the stream.

The slide show below contains pictures from the museum in the park.  All of the artifacts in the museum had been collected by one couple, Mr. & Mrs. Will Lenoir.  They had been collecting for over 60 years and wanted to help preserve Tennessee’s heritage by giving their collection to the State Park.  It’s quite a collection and we spent much of the early afternoon there.

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Leaving the park we drove on through the little town of Norris.  There were a lot of pictures in the museum of early days in Norris, when the TVA built the dam (1933-1936) and I’m guessing that’s how the town came to be, from all the workers employed while building the dam.  The pictures showed the “Norris Drug Store”, the “Norris Gas Station” and so on.

It’s a cute little town, reminded me of the Andy Griffith show and Mayberry – everything clean and tidy.  Too bad I didn’t stop and get any pictures to share with you.

Back at the park we’ve met 3 different couples.  Our new next door neighbors Jerry and Marsha from Florida on their way to Kentucky for an off-road event (see the pix of their rigs)


That’s an off-road buggy, a BMW motorcycle, AND a canoe under the buggy (that’s a spare tire for the buggy up front)




450 hp diesel with the trailer attached measures 70′ long! Four slides (two on each side) on the coach

Then Kathy and I had a nice visit with Jon & Cathy from Milford, OH on their way back home from Florida.  They are members of S.O.W.E.R.S. (they volunteer their time working on various mission projects around the country).

As I was taking the trash down to the dumpster, I met Karen and Lino, also from Ohio.  They are on their way back home from Florida where they had flown down one-way to purchase their new (used) 5th wheel trailer and pick-up truck.

Karen has retired recently and Lino hopes to retire by the end of the year and then they’ll become full-time RV’ers and Karen may revive her home-based graphic arts and web design business working from the road.

Although we’ve been blessed with seeing much of the country and that’s certainly a perk of this lifestyle, I think what’s even more of a blessing is having been given the opportunity to meet so many great people from all over the country.



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