An Amazing Trip to Fort Morgan

Staying at Summerdale, AL at the Escapee’s Rainbow Plantation RV Park.  This is a large park with lots of permanent residents that own their lots and have permanent homes on those lots.  There are also about 100 or so shaded RV lots for folks that might want to rent for a day, week, or longer.

They have a big clubhouse (we’re going for lasagna dinner tomorrow night) and a great looking pool, but they say it’s not quite up to temperature just yet.

Our site is nice and well shaded by a large Water Oak tree and the neighbors we’ve met are great.

Our site at Rainbow Plantation – Summerdale, AL

Today (Tuesday) we took a drive down to the beach, (we’ll go back tomorrow with chairs and towels) and then we drove on west to visit Fort Morgan.

Construction of the fort was started in 1819, took 15 years to complete, and is located on Mobile Point so as to be able to protect the shoreline from the north during the Civil War.

It’s interesting to note that the US government leased slaves from local slave owners to manufacture the over 30,000,000 (yes, thirty MILLION) bricks to build the fort.  I’m not going to go in to all the details of the construction and design, but I found it really fascinating to read all the placards located along the self-guided tour.

If you’d like to learn more, follow this link to the official site.

Here’s a few pictures I took with my Samsung S7 Smartphone.  I’m still amazed at the clarity and the resolution of these pix from a PHONE!

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4 thoughts on “An Amazing Trip to Fort Morgan

    1. Bets, not sure why you can’t see the slide show … it’s there at the bottom. Maybe try using a different device? Are you looking on your phone? Maybe try the laptop. I use a slide show in nearly every post. Have you ever been able to see a slide show in any of my earlier posts? Thanks for letting me know, I’ll try to look into it further to see if I can figure it out too.

  1. Wouldn’t it have been the Confederate (CSA) government that leased slaves rather than the US government?? I’m assuming the Union wouldn’t have paid to build a fort to shoot at them unless it was built prior to the war to defend against someone else. See, someone does ready these things:-)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, it made me go back and do some further reading …
      It was built in 1819-1833 because the US realized during the war of 1812 that the coast was vulnerable. US slave owners in the area realized they could make a buck by leasing their slaves to the government for construction. The Civil War was 1861-1865

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?