Not a place we’d come back to …

Well, yes it IS true,  not all of our stops are peaceful and wonderful.

Tonight we made it through Baton Rouge and are on our way AROUND New Orleans (we’re not the party animals we never were!)

We found what sounded like the perfect place near Livingston, LA but it was booked (Crap)

So we ended up at THIS place Punkin Lakeside RV Park.  They have great wifi (we’re right next to the office) and there’s great cell coverage thanks to the Verizon tower right behind our coach.

There’s all kinds of little ones riding around on their tricycles and bicycles (and you know how I just adore the little ones) and oh I almost forgot to mention we’ll be lulled to sleep tonight by all the I-12 truck traffic that’s only about 200′ away.  Oh boy …

The park is about 40+ years old, the host (Karen) is very nice and shared with us that they are under new ownership and making strides toward improvement.

This park has a large grass field that has many elec/water pedestals but no campers.  Karen shared with us that this area was used for temporary housing for displaced Hurricane Katrina victims.

Don’t get me wrong…this isn’t a BAD place, just not one of our favorites.  The good news is that it’s at the same exit as CAMPING WORLD and they open at 10am on Sunday, so we’ll be making a stop there to see what kind of trouble we can get into.

We only have about a 3 hour drive today to Summerdale, AL where we’ll be staying for a few days.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?