A Little Gem in Central Texas

We left the SKP park at Lakewood, NM Thursday morning and the map told us that State Route 285 would be a direct route down through Carlsbad and on to I-10 where we’d head east.

Yes, it was “direct” but FILLED with all kinds of tanker trucks and heavy equipment working the oil fields that lined the state route on both sides of the highway.  As far as the eye could see, it was nothing but gas and oil wells and all the trucks and equipment to service those rigs. (Ugh)

Additionally, the asphalt was pretty bumpy having been heaved over and over by the heavy trucks day after day.  Although the speed limit was 75 mph (and the trucks liked to do it), I wouldn’t subject the coach (pulling the car) and the two of us to the high speeds with all the bumping and rolling this way and that.

Allstays - Our favorite "go to" to find great camping/parking spots

All in all, it was a LONG drive down to I-10 to Pecos, TX (100+ miles) where we were FINALLY able to get on SMOOTH I-10 and head east.

We then drove about 4 hours east to a great little RV park we found on Allstays.com.  Pecan Valley RV Park boasts only 14 sites, (3 are full-timers and 2 are tent sites), but our host David told us on the phone he had a great 60′ 50amp pull-thru site that would be great for us.

The park is nestled a few thousand feet off the road behind a HUGE pecan grove and up against the North Llamo River.

Although there was no Verizon coverage and no television, we’d definately stop here again.  David was a gracious host, the park was spotless (see the slide show below) and the setting was peaceful and relaxing.  We cooked brats on the grill, sat out a bit and when we slept, it was with the windows open all night.  And NO traffic noise.

Beautiful and peaceful.  Pictures below.

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Last night we stayed at a “cement” RV park at Port Charles, TX (near Beaumont) and today (Saturday the 18th) we’ll continue east on I-10 where we’ll stay at what appears (online) to be a much nicer park at Livingston, LA.

More to come.  We hope your day will be a great one.

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One thought on “A Little Gem in Central Texas

  1. I love following your travels and hope maybe to meet up with you all this summer! Since next January will be our “official” on the road timeframe we’re really interested in the work camper aspect and what you learned on your first job. Safe travels 😃

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