Goodbye Arizona

This morning we’ll be heading out, leaving all our new-found friends at Rancho Verde RV Park at Camp Verde, AZ.

This park was our first workamping experience and we came here full of excitement but also a little anxiety not really knowing what to expect.

We’ve been blessed.  We were very quickly accepted as part of the “family” here at the park.  The owners and managers have been wonderful to work for and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone here.

Some are full-time residents, while we’ve had a fair amount of those that come and go every few days.  We’ve tried to make a point of meeting as many as we can because in life, it’s the people that make the difference.

So now it’s on to Florida to visit friends and family, then back up to Ohio by the 1st of April where we’ll spend a few weeks with the kids and grandkids, and then up to Michigan in May where we’ll be workamping for the summer near Ludington.

I’ll try to post more as we travel east and north, but it’s often more difficult because of some limited wifi and less time to sit at the keyboard – more driving and sightseeing stops.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Arizona

  1. So sorry we didn’t get back together with you guys. Between being sick with allergies and sinuses and working here at the property we are living on, just haven’t had the time. We sure enjoyed our time when you were here. We will see you online and we wish you safe travels. God bless you.

  2. Sweet, sounds like you had a great time. I’m retiring end of June so we are going to start considering one of those opportunities. Maybe after a summer off to play. 🙂 In fact this afternoon we are setting in on a Workamping Webinar by Nina Fussing to get some pointer’s on the subject. We are in Interlachen Florida right now, it would be nice if while your down this way we could get together for lunch or something. We’ll also be making a trip to Michigan in Aug, who know’s maybe we can whip by the park you guys will be at. Take care, safe travels

    Larry & Darlene

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