Speaking of WORKamping …

Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us for the next 2-3 weeks.  This park is a nice size, only 40 spaces with green grass and TREES in between each site.  This makes it a real attractive place to stay and live for a while.

Kathy and I are here for six months, workamping 2 days/week in exchange for our site and utilities.

Normally, the workload is pretty light; cutting some grass, helping new arrivals getting parked in their site, delivering mail to the long-term renters, minor repairs of water lines or electrical pedestals, and cleaning of the laundry and bathrooms.

However, yesterday morning after a below freezing night and when the sun came up and hit the trees, it seemed like it was snowing leaves!  It was really kind of funny to watch them all come down all over the park at once.

We’ll use leaf blowers and rakes to get the leaves into piles, then we vacuum them up with the leaf vacuum and dump them down below in our HUGE compost pile.  Check out the videos below to see what workampers do in the fall at Rancho Verde RV Park in Camp Verde, Arizona.

This 2nd short video shows how we vacuum and then dump the leaves into the compost pile down below.  We’ve been doing this 6-8 times each day ’cause that wagon gets filled up pretty quick!

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?