Old Country Inn – Pizza To Die For

Kathy and I took a short day trip over to Pine, Arizona today to visit some of their antique, art, and “junk” shops and have lunch out.  We drove through Pine when we went to Payson a few weeks ago, but didn’t take the opportunity to stop and look around in Pine on that trip.

One of our friends here at the park told us about the fantastic wood-fired pizza at the “Old Country Inn“.   We owe them a thank you for their referral.

2016-11-17-13-33-35It was fantastic, well worth the 45 minute drive over to enjoy the wonderful “Lefty” pizza while sitting at the counter just feet away from the wood-fired pizza oven. 2016-11-17-13-08-52

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We watched the pizza master make our pie and slide it gingerly into just the right spot in the 550 degree oven.  We could feel the heat radiate from the opening and watch the flames dance across the logs as our lunch was gently bubbling from the heat.

We ordered the “Lefty” (woodfired roasted chicken, roasted red onions, lefty bbq sauce, wisconsin cheddar + cilantro serrano pesto).

Here’s a link to their menu

The 12-14 inch “Lefty” pizza (yummy)
They can serve 8 different craft beers at any one time and easily change the label on the wall

They also serve a number of craft beers on tap and have “The Tap Room” featuring more craft beers and wine along with small plates a tasting room in a separate building just a few feet from the main restaurant.

The “Tap Room”

All in all, it was a great day for a drive in the country (about 45 minutes from Camp Verde to Pine), spending some time in antique shops, and enjoying a great meal crafted with care by a talented chef.  We definitely recommend “The Country Inn” to anyone we know in the area.

Affordable lunch


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