Road Trip to Arches National Park

Since we “workamp” two days each week, that leaves us with five days to do what we want. We’ve been doing a lot of sight-seeing since we’ve been here, and this week was time to do a little more.

Kathy’s had it on her “bucket list” to visit as many of the national parks that we can.  This week we decided we would make the 6+ hour ride up into southeastern Utah to spend a couple days in the Arches National Park & Canyonlands National Park.  We also took a little detour on the way there to visit the “Four Corners” (4 states come together) and another small detour on the way home to visit the “Canyon de Chelly” National Monument.

The slide show below represents some of the pix we shot while driving through the parks – stopping at at the overlooks to stand in awe of all God’s beauty.

The rock formations we see are formed over hundreds of millions of years as the earth would split and shift, leaving valleys and canyons in the iron rich sandstone.

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Here’s a YouTube video with a little more,  (it’s about 12 minutes or so)

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