Lions & Tigers & Bears (Oh My?)

A couple of weeks ago we met (online) Cheryl and Phil (via  They are also workampers like us, working a couple days a week, but in an RV park up I-17 just one exit.  We arranged to meet for dinner about a week ago and then made plans to meet and go see the Out of Africa Wildlife Park just north of Camp Verde.

We had a great time spending about 6 hours together at the park.  Part of the time we were shown around the park in a bus (of sorts), part of the time we attended different shows, and part of the time we were able to walk on our own throughout the park.

We were able to get amazingly close to many of the animals, although they are in fence enclosures, there were often viewing platforms where we had unobstructed views.

See the girl in the tan t-shirt kissing the giraffe?  That’s our friend Cheryl …. actually she’s feeding him a stalk of celery (from her lips to his curly tongue).

Kathy and I (along with about 8 others) got to hold “Apollo” the 16 foot long, 130 pound Reticulating Python.  That was pretty amazing to feel how heavy (and strong) he is … all muscle.  Smooth like leather.

In addition to the pictures below, I’ve also included a few short videos of the “Tiger Splash” show they put on for us.



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