Can You See It?

Kathy and I took a ride to Cottonwood today to do a little shopping for groceries and a couple things we needed for the RV.  On the way there we saw a sign for the “Alcantara Vineyard & Winery“, so we decided to take a closer look on our way home.

The “rock road” was long and winding down from the main road toward the river, which makes sense because the vineyard can pump the irrigation water up from the river.  When we finally got all the way down (about a mile), we walked in to what appears to be a private home that’s been made into a tasting room along with a covered patio out back with cafe tables and stools where we could enjoy their best vino along with a platter of “light” snacks (cheese, vegetables, crackers, etc.).  I think some might call it “eclectic”, but without any “whimsy”.

Kathy says we’ll have to go back some time when we don’t have fresh produce in the back of the car (in 90 degree heat) so that she can enjoy the drink and the atmosphere.  I guess we’ll do that, (happy wife = happy life).  It took this picture below to illustrate the “Verde Valley” that we live in here in Arizona.  At first glance, this picture just does not show the depth of the valley.  But you need to zoom in to see the points of interest listed and only then can you really appreciate how wide and deep this valley is.

I want you to take a look at this picture and see if you can find:

  • the river
  • the vineyard
  • the winery
  • the chapel


You’ll need to really zoom in on the picture and try to follow the road (where I’m standing with the camera at the top of the hill).  Remember, it was a LONG WAY down.

In a few days I’ll post an updated picture with labels pointing out the river, vineyard,winery, and chapel so you can check yourself and see how good your guess was.

Let me know in the comment section below if you think you found anything in the list.

2 thoughts on “Can You See It?

  1. Think we found the winery and the vinyard and the river. HUGE expanse. Some advice for you. ALWAYS take a cooler and an ice pack in the car. You never know what you might need. That’S how we do it here in 90 degree heat! Enjoy!!

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?