Keeping busy learning the ropes (video)

An update on our workamping experience at Rancho Verde RV Park in Camp Verde, AZ

Kathy’s been working in the office learning from Cindy taking phone calls reserving sites and answering callers questions, then she registers the guests when they arrive.  We then guide the newcomer to their site, help them back in, and offer to help hook up their utilities for them.

I’ve been out cutting grass today, helping George replace the thermocouple on the laundry hot water heater, and yesterday George showed us how to do the “flood irrigation” of the grounds.

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I’m going to load this video (below) of the flood irrigation in action.  It’s really cool to see it in action.  First we go down below to the creek-side and fire up the pump.  The large silver galvanized pipe (around 12″ diameter) then pumps a tremendous amount of water up to the stone cistern up topside in the campground.  George shows us in the video how the cistern fills very quickly and water pours out one side to flood the grounds all around the office.  When that side has been flooded for an hour or so, then he closes the gate and the water continues to come into the cistern and floods over the top and on down to the other side of the park.

There are valves around the park where we can connect hoses and/or turn on valves to operate sprinkling systems.  Different parts of the park are operated on different days.  This keeps the park nice and verde (green)

The reason that this water cistern is even here is because this park (before the mid 90’s) and much of the surrounding area was all farm land and this irrigation system was installed years ago to help keep the valley fertile.

And it’s still serving a useful purpose today.


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