We FINALLY made it out of Ohio!

Well here it is Friday morning and we just woke up and are ready to head out of Missouri and on into Kansas for Friday night.

If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve had some tire problems along the way.  When we left home Tuesday morning, two of our new tires had lost significant pressure overnight.  We just drove on over to the RV shop in Marion where we had the new tires installed and had them check.  They had us go on down to Bob Sumerel Truck Tire Center in Delaware where the tech THOUGHT the problem was the valve stem extensions.  He removed the extensions and THOUGHT that cured the problem.

Turns out he was wrong.  As we motored on west out of Ohio, through Indianapolis, it was evident (by our TPMS system) that one of the tires was still losing pressure.  Since we were driving in HOT weather (pavement was 95 deg.) it was not losing so much that we had to stop.

We pulled in for the night to Fallen Rock Campground at Danville, IN and next morning motored on over to Terre Haute, IN where we found McCord Goodyear dealer.

Although they were packed with a car in every bay and customers waiting in the “lounge” area, they were kind enough to take us right away and Dennis got right on it and found that there was not a good seal where the edge of the tire (bead) meets the edge of the rim.

When the tires were installed (in Ohio) the dealer also installed “Balancing Beads“. Balancing beads are used in large truck tires as an alternative to adding weights to the wheels.

Well, problem is they allowed some beads to get stuck right on the edge of the tire where it meets the rim.  Dennis found this lead right away, took the wheel off the coach, broke the bead (seal), cleaned it well, and aired the tire back up and all is well.

Our hats off to McCormick Tire in Terre Haute for not making us wait, for fixing it right, and for only charging us $45!

You can see the slide show below.  If you’re viewing this in an email, you may not be able to see the pix, just click on the link to the post up at the top to open this in your browser, then you should be able to see the slide show.

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