We didn’t know anybody in Kansas (past tense)

We really enjoyed Lazy Days RV Park near Danville, MO and I took a few extra pix to show off the wonderful artistic talents of our host Kim. Although we talked a bit when we registered and when we went back to buy ice cream bars and pick out a couple of movies to watch back in our coach, I never did ask her if she had any formal art training. At the very least Kim is one very talented person! Check out the slide show below. By the way, if you are reading this blog post directly in your email client, you may not be seeing the pictures, I suggest you click on the link at the top to open a browser window to see the photos.

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So we headed out of Danville, MO on Friday morning and I had, on Thursday night loggged on to “Boondockers Welcome“. This is a subscription site where a few thousand folks around the country (typically fellow RV’ers) offer their driveway or back yard to other RV’ers passing through. They typically offer not only a free site (for a night or two max) but also often offer electricity, water, wifi.

I looked on the map, found Roger and Jan at Randall, Kansas then sent them an email to see if their driveway was available Friday night. I received an email back in a matter of minutes!

What a pleasant stay we had. Their directions were perfect, they had us park in the circle drive right in front of the house and they offered us electric and water, but we’re self-contained and so we didn’t require either. Unexpectedly, they invited us to join them for dinner.2016-09-10-07-31-45

While Jan was finishing up dinner prep, Roger showed us around the farm. Roger was raised here and has worked the farm since a boy only with some time out serving in the U.S. Air Force in Vietnam. Roger and Jan, now retired, had operated their nearly 1800 acre grain and hog farm for years. The farm is now rented out to their son (Brent) but Roger serves as Brent’s “hand” as needed.

After our tour of the farm, we enjoyed a wonderfully prepared dinner and lively discussion with our gracious hosts. We are about the same age, but Kathy and I are just starting our RV’ing life while Roger and Jan have been to all 50 states, most of the Canadian provinces, and much of Mexico.

Our hosts live in their “earth home” that they built in the 80’s to take advantage of passive solar and the earth’s thermal mass. We said our goodnights about 8:30 and bunked down in our coach for a very nice cool and ABSOLUTELY QUIET evening of sleep.

We were up at dawn and had our coffee. Roger and Jan came out to the coach to say their goodbyes and Kathy and I headed down the road (along US-36) westward through Kansas on into Denver.

Herb and Kathy with our new friends Jan and Roger near Randall, KS

It was a very comfortable and easy drive passing through small towns about every 45 miles or so. This is the same US-36 that runs through Delaware, OH and on through Indianapolis and ends at Denver.

Oh, and the BEST part?  Now we have FRIENDS in Kansas!


I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?