All is well in Colorado

Sorry for not posting more recently, but we’ve not been blessed with good WiFi spots so I’ve been writing and saving instead of uploading the pictures and actually posting.

But I thought I should explain that we’re spending the night in the Walmart parking lot in Evergreen, Colorado (click to see the map).  It’s elevation is 7220′ above sea level.  The surrounding terrain is breathtaking and so are the ups and downs of the roadway!

Along the highway just before Walmart, we saw a sign for CASINO.  Most casinos let RV’ers park for free and stay the night, but common courtesy says the weary traveler should go on in and drop a few nickels as a way of saying “Thanks”.  So on to the casinos (in Central City, CO) we went.  I had no idea it was a steep grade up 8 MILES to get to Historic Central City and then only to find out that yes, they had MANY  casinos but THEY WERE ALL DOWNTOWN!  It would be like casinos in German Village (Columbus) or Greektown (Detroit).  I was really hoping for a BIG casino with a HUGE parking lot!  Historic Central City was not real good at accommodating a 36′ motor home pulling a Saturn.

So THAT’S how we ended up at Walmart !

We had to stay here because it’s Saturday night and all the campgrounds are booked.  We really didn’t know how far we’d make it today after leaving Roger and Jan’s driveway at Randall, KS this morning.  (That’s a whole other post) and I’ll send you that one soon when I can upload the pix, (when I get some free WiFi)

But wanted to let you know that we are enjoying ourselves and all is in good order with HerbNKathy.

Thanks for reading.  We’ll catch up with more and some pix later,


One thought on “All is well in Colorado

  1. Very scary in CO. Have much empathy for you as to the hills with twists and turns, but no idea how you managed that with the motor home. Glad you are safe and happy!!

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