What? No Can Opener??????

What the heck?  Didn’t we bring a can opener?

We pulled in to Fallen Rock RV Park about 6:30 or so and I really didn’t feel like getting the charcoal grill out and fired up.  It was hot and muggy and we both needed a shower.  We decided to close the windows and turn on the A/C units and just make some tuna salad sandwiches for dinner.

But wait …. where the h___ is the can opener?  Kathy was ready to give up, but not Herbie!


Needle nose pliers and a hammer did the trick.  I made up tuna salad with a little chopped onion, spread it on some rye bread, put on a slice or two of provolone and fired up the George Foreman grill and we had paninis!

Hey by the way, Kathy found that Sav-A-Lot carries Reeser’s brand red potato salad … and it’s yummy!  Walmart also has an excellent red potato salad.  You can find it in their deli section but it IS prepackaged, not the bulk stuff they sell in the glass case.

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One thought on “What? No Can Opener??????

  1. I work at Lipari Foods-Reiser’s is one of our products! Their truck is here weekly! Guess I have to give it a try!

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