Tire Trials and Tribulations

So the master plan said we would depart home base in Mt. Gilead at about 7:30 Monday morning.  Again, ….. no such luck.  As I said in my earlier post, the two outside rear tires were losing about 20-30 psi overnight.

So Monday morning I hauled out the compressor again and “aired up” the low tires and we headed right over to Luxury Coach in Marion.  I had sent them an email on Labor Day letting them know we’d be there bright and early and expected to get the leaks fixed so we could mosey on down the road.  We were DETERMINED to leave Ohio on Tuesday after Labor Day.

We dropped off the coach about 8:20 and went to Bob Evans to have breakfast while they worked on it.  Then we decided we hadn’t given them enough time so we chilled at the Marion City Library for a while.  About 10:45 or so we went back and the coach was right where we left it parked looking like probably nothing got done while we were gone.  Guess what?  I was right!  I talked to Jay (the owner) and he said since the tire guys hadn’t shown up yet, it’d be best for us if we just took the coach down there to their shop in Delaware.

So down US-23 we went to Bob Summeral Truck Tire Center (on 36/37 just east of Delaware).  John was expecting us and had us pull right in.  His technician sprayed the tires and valve stems with soap solution looking for bubbles (indicating air leaks).  He found that the valve stem extensions where BOTH leaking slightly.  He removed the flexible braided extensions and removed and reinstalled the rigid valve stems tightly so they wouldn’t leak.

We then hooked up the car in their lot and left (at no charge) and headed down I-71 to I-70 working out way into Indiana.

We’re spending the night at a real nice privately owned campground operated by proprietors Mark and Connie Brown.  They’ve owned the park for four years now and it’s got a lot of shade, a small river runs right through and there are only 65 RV sites on 66 acres of land.  And guess what?  They’ve got a great WIFI system!  And that is a pretty rare thing in the world of RV parks.  They all SAY they have WIFI, but it often performs poorly.

Here’s a slide show of some of today’s pictures.  If you are reading this post via an email, you probably are not seeing the pictures.  In order to see the picture slide show, click on the title link at the top of this email (next to my picture).  That should open your browser and allow you to see the post right on the blog along with the pictures.

In the morning we’ll get up and have our bowl of cereal and a banana and then continue west toward St. Louis and Kansas City.

Here’s the slide show of today’s happenings.

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  1. Since we are planning to start full time RVING at the end of October, I’m very interested in your progress.

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