Readying to Hit The Road

Here’s a map of our planned route to Camp Verde, AZ.  I’m a little tentative about the route south from I-70 to I-40 (Denver to Flagstaff), but we hope to find out more about that part of the trek as we get out west.

Well, less that 24 hours to blast-off (well sort of)

We’ve had the coach in the shop for the last couple weeks to get;

  • four new tires for the rear axle (we replaced the front two a couple months ago)
  • new drivers side windshield (we noticed a crack in the upper left)
  • oil change along with oil filter and fuel filter
  • repair of the slide (broken roller under the kitchen)

Kathy and I planned on picking it up Friday afternoon, but the slide was not COMPLETELY back together yet, so we made arrangements to come Saturday mid-day.  Saturday came and they had just installed the new windshield and asked that we wait until Sunday to pick up the coach so that the glue had ample time to dry.  So we drove over to Marion after church on Sunday and finally brought back to Mt. Gilead our “home on wheels”

It’s a good thing I installed a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) a few months back as it informed me (by flashing and beeping at me) that both outside rear tires were low on air.  I generally run them all at about 100 psi and these two outside tires were showing about 35-40 psi.  I was hoping, hoping, hoping that the guy in the shop just got distracted and forgot to go back and fully inflate these tires after mounting them on the rims.  NO SUCH LUCK.  I took out my compressor and filled these to about 95-100 psi only to find that they each lost about 20 psi over the next few hours.

Soooooooooooooo .. we’ll go ahead and load it up (it’s now Monday morning) and pull out of town tomorrow as if we were getting on the freeway west, only to have out first stop at Luxury Coach in Marion to have them dis-mount, clean the rims, re-mount and re-seal these new tires on the rims.  Say a little prayer that we don’t have any loss of air along our trip after that.

3 thoughts on “Readying to Hit The Road

  1. Sounds like your covering all the bases with the tires. Always nice to hear where TPMS helped to alert someone to pending problems. Best to you both as you start out on your next journey.

    1. We’ll have to stop at another truck tire dealer this am (near Terre Haute, IN). Checked this am and all are at about 95 (cold) except the driver’s outside rear is down at 65, so we STILL have a problem. Good thing we’re not in a big hurry, eh?

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