Time for new windshield (& more)

As we traveled home from Vermont a couple weeks ago, we stopped and spent a couple nights at Owl Creek Family Campground.

It rained while we were there and during that time, we noted some (more than just droplets) leaking in at the top of the driver’s side windshield.  Although we were able to sop it up with some towels, fortunately it didn’t rain for long.

Once it stopped raining and I could dry off the outside, I was able to put some duct tape at the top of the windshield where it mates with the gasket.  After taking a closer look at the glass, I saw that there is a crack in the top outside (curved area) of the glass and that the bottom of the windshield and gasket has slipped out of the front fiberglass cap.  Time for a new windshield.

Meanwhile, we also noticed that the large slide (that holds the couch and the kitchen) on the side of the coach was not moving in and out smoothly.  I looked at the underside of the slide and saw that one of the roller bearings (kind of like a rolling pin Mom used to make pie crust) was damaged and needed to be replaced.

So now the coach is at Luxury Coach in Marion getting the windshield replaced, 4 new rear tires, and the slide repaired.  The slide turns out to be quite a job.  Take a look at the photo slide show below that shows “before” and “current” pictures.  The guys had to removed the couch, all the cabinets on the driver side, disconnect all the kitchen plumbing and electric and LOTS of screws and fasteners.  (This shot is the BEFORE view)


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These guys are pro’s.  Jay has been in the business since 1979, started with Custom Coach of Columbus and knows these motor homes inside and out.  He’s got a crew of nine that keep busy buying, rehabbing, and selling motor homes and I trust that they can get our baby back together with a minimum of left over parts!

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