Oil Creek Family Campground

We have had a great time at the 56th Escapade, meeting many new friends, learning a lot about RV’ing, and spending a few bucks at the commercial vendors booths in the market area.

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Commercial Vendors at the Market

We left the Expo Center Thursday morning before the closing ceremonies, but waited until the Shade Pro guys came back to install our newly purchased window shades.  These shades work well to keep out the hot sun from the inside of the coach, yet still allow us to see what’s going on outside.  We ordered them late Tuesday night (about 8:30) and they came in Thursday morning and Skylar came about 10:00 am to do the installation.2016-07-28 10.22.56

After heading out, we motored back to Port Byron, NY (not far off the I-90) where we spent another night at Hejamada RV Park.  We had stayed here on our way to the Escapade and found it to be a nice park and in the right location for us, so we spent a 2nd night there.  Kathy took a dip in the pool after we checked in, I made our dinner, Kathy did a load of laundry in the morning before we headed out to our next stop.

So Friday afternoon we arrived at Oil Creek Family Campground at Titusville, PA.  We have been looking forward to camping here because it is owned by Kathy’s cousin Penny and her husband David.  We got in about 3pm or so and a gentle on-and-off rain has been going throughout the night and morning.  We took a walk around the campground Saturday morning with our hats on just to keep the raindrops off our eyeglasses.  The campground is designed with families and children in mind with lots of planned activities, playground equipment, a rec hall with ping-pong and pool tables, and a small but well stocked camp store where Mom & Dad can buy food and the kids can buy that ever important candy.

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Engineer David treats all the little ones to rides around the park (video).  This is really cool, it even has a train whistle and blows smoke (bubbles) out the stack!

We had a great time, really enjoying our travels seeing new parts of the country, renewing old friendships with family, and making new friends along the way.

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