Pooper Pumper Day

We’ve been here at the Champlain Valley Expo Center (fairgrounds) in Essex Junction, VT since last Thursday and although we’ve had electric and water hookups, we’ve not had the luxury of a sewer connection.  There are about 1000 RV’s here and the black water tanks on board only hold so much.

So the organizers have made arrangements for all these RV’s to be pumped out.  Depending on what day you arrived on site, determined what day the pumpers would be at your rig to pump.  We arrived Thursday so our pump day was the following Monday.

Now, on Sunday night just after Kathy finished up her shower, the gray water (sink/shower/kitchen) tank was now filled to capacity.  So no more showers or running sink water down the drain.

2016-07-25 11.39.56

So, the pumper came just in time, early Monday morning and in only just a few short minutes rolled his “bowl” over to the coach, pulled the drain valves, and pumped it all into his tank truck and then moved on to the rig next door.  There were/are multiple trucks here each day and I know these guys are pretty “pooped” by the end of the day.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?