Some pictures from the Escapade

The “show” is really a great learning experience disguised in fun.  Take a look at the photos below and read the captions and you’ll be able to get a better idea of what’s going on here in Vermont this week at the Champlain Valley Exposition Center

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We had the honor of meeting and listening to 89 year old Kay Peterson who, with her husband Joe back in 1979 co-founded the Escapees RV club with just 24 members.  She was delightful to listen to and she’s sharp as a tack.  By the way, Kathy and I joined last fall and we are member number 126874 (It’s grown a bit, eh?)

We’ve met a lot of folks here and learned not only in classes, but from our fellow RV’ers as well.  There is entertainment and hospitality events every night and LOTS of BIG BEAUTIFUL (and very expensive) motorhomes to walk through and dream about.

Mac The Fire Guy” taught us about fire safety, how to safely exit an RV in the event of fire, which smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to have in our coach along with the correct type of fire extinguisher to keep on board.  He emphasized the main goal is to exit safely, not to save the RV, (that’s why you have insurance)

Jim and George taught us all about tires, the importance of having your rig weighed on ALL FOUR CORNERS (so you know the weight on EACH tire) and how to determine the correct tire inflation pressure based on the load being carried.

This is only Monday night, right now Kathy is in the General Assembly Room listening (along with about 2000 others) to The Marlins musical group while I’m over in another part of the building using the free WiFi so I could upload these pictures.

We still have Tuesday and Wednesday to learn and have fun and then we’ll head out Thursday morning.

More later – So long for now,

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