Off to the Escapade

We left about 6:30 am from home in Ohio and heading toward Essex Junction, VT.  A beautiful day for a drive, light fog early in the morning and a heavy dew on the coach, but that cleared up in short order.2016-07-19 06.34.55

Kathy and I recently joined a group called “Escapees” which is an RV’er group of people, many of whom are full-timers either retired and now living in their RV or still working and living and even raising a family on the road.  It’s an interesting lifestyle that we’ve come to learn about.

The “Escapade” is an annual gathering of like minded folks (this is the 56th annual) to learn all that there is to learn about RV’ing and the RV lifestyle.  The week will be filled with lots of fun interspersed with educational forums, demonstrations, and more.

Up I-71 and then across I-90 through eastern Ohio, Pennsylvania and into New York State where we had a reservation at Hejamada RV Park, near Montezuma, NY.  Lots of “elbow” room here, owner tells us they have about 200 sites and about 85 of them are seasonals (permanent campers).  2016-07-19 19.31.46She put us on a lot out in the middle which, if it had been a hot and muggy day like it was when we left Ohio, would have been rough.  But the weather here is delightful, about 75 and low humidity.  We had no close neighbors.

This campground has a small fishing lake (pond) along with a bar and a snack bar that are both open on the weekends.  The outdoor pool is about 20’x40′ and is sparkling clean.!!

Believe it or not, Kathy and I did take a bike ride (her 2nd time out and my maiden voyage) and neither of us fell!.  However we both think that we need better seats with more padding.  I won’t comment on her, but I don’t remember my bottom hurting like this when I was a kid riding my 10-speed.  Could it be maybe the extra weight I’m carrying?

When we rode over to check out the pool and the snack bar/bar building, we passed alongside a couple of HUGE Prevost coaches.  They were both pulling large box trailers and what they had brought along with them were two very sharp looking Model A’s.  Quite the contrast; the very old (yet shiny) and simple gasoline powered vehicles alongside these mammoth diesel, powerful homes on wheels.

A late dinner of tossed salad and meat loaf, a beautiful sunset, and off to Burlington in the morning.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?