The Numbers (final count)

We drove the motor home 5776 miles in 30 days = 192.5 miles / day average

We averaged right about 8.3 mpg with the a/c on much of the time with average fuel cost of $2.10 per gallon and with 692 gallons of diesel fuel our total fuel cost was $1441 or $48 / day.Numbers on Board

Our lodging at campgrounds, RV parks, and one nite at Walmart averaged $20.22 / night.

Our food (Walmart groceries) and 13 meals out averaged $29.75 / day.  Four of the meals were breakfast (Waffle House, Dennys, IHOP) and four of the meals were at nicer local restaurants with dinner menu prices ranging from $10.99 to $18.99

So our total average travel / lodging / food costs for the 30 day trip was $97.97 per day or $2939 for the month.

NOTE: This analysis DOES NOT include the costs of repair to the coach that were necessary on the trip, or the hotel lodging (1 night) necessary while the coach was in the shop.  Much of this unanticipated expense was reimbursed (we had a check in the mail when we got home) from our RV service contract company.


One thought on “The Numbers (final count)

  1. Herb – I did the same tally the first big trip out. Then I stopped all that. Figured if we were home (which we don’t have anymore) we would have to eat regardless. And found that we hardly go out to eat now – gets pretty darn expensive. Last – by you doing the cooking, you can control your diet better, knowing what and how is going into your mouth.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?