30 days, 7000 miles, who knows how much $$$

We’re finally back home in Mount Gilead, OH (April 29, 2016) after driving the motor home 5932 miles, the car (toad) another 981 miles, and I haven’t added up all the financial “damage” yet, but will post on that a little later on once I’ve deciphered my spreadsheet that I’ve kept along the way.

2016-04-29 20.14.22
The MoHo back at Indian Mound Lodge

It was good to be with our friends tonight for our usual “Friday Night Gang” dinner out and when we got in today about 3:30 our daughter Sara was busy cleaning house in anticipation of our arrival TOMORROW, not TODAY (Surprise!)

As I’ve said in other posts, we’ve seen lots of great scenery, met a lot of great new friends, and had the pleasure in Encinitas, CA and Surprise, AZ renewing friendships sharing stories & sight-seeing.

It was the trip of a lifetime and we’re already planning the next trip out — more to come!

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?