We’re Getting Closer!

It’s Thursday late afternoon and we’re getting closer to home.  We left Yuma, TN this am and right now as I sit in my fold-up patio chair under the awning typing this post, we are at Grandma’s RV Park just off of I-65 outside of Shepardsville, KY (about 20 min south of Louisville).

2016-04-28 16.06.50
Our site at Grandma’s RV Park, Shepardsville, KY

So we’ll be back in Mt. Gilead tomorrow.  Bitter Sweet ….

Yes, it’s been a wonderful trip, the experience of a lifetime.  We’ve seen a lot of beautiful landscape, visited and laughed with old friends, and met many great folks and new friends along the way.

It’s really too bad we didn’t have about 6 months or so as to be able to pull off the road as often as we would have liked at all those “brown” signs along the freeway, you know … the ones that guide you to the waterfall, or the museum, or the historical marker, or the lake, or whatever point of interest.  There’s just so much to see and do and only so much time available.

We’ve driven the motor home nearly 6000 miles and put another 1000 miles on the Saturn driving around San Diego, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona, AZ

It’ll be great to get back home and be near family and with all our friends and church family, and in a little, tiny, sick way …. even maybe good to get back to work (only a bit)!!

But I know the bug has bitten us and we’ll be climbing back aboard sooner rather than later.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?