Friday with Paul & Sue @ Sedona

Paul & Sue live in Surprise, AZ and we (at Congress) are about an hour north of them.  We made arrangements to meet them at the Sedona exit off I-17 on Friday morning.  2016-04-22 12.13.38We enjoyed a late breakfast at “The Coffee Pot” restaurant who’s claim to fame is “101 Oemelettes” (order by the number) along with all the other usual fare for a breakfast (and lunch) place.

Then we moved on in to Sedona to see the sights.  Click on any of the individual photos to see a larger view.

We did the usual tourist thing, strolling the “strip” full of Indian Jewelry, leather, chocolate, and souvenir shops.  Then we got to the good stuff.  They drove us out to see the sights up close and personal.  They took us to the foot of “Bell Rock” that they’ve climbed along with their son Nicholas.  We were standing at 4685.6 feet (in the parking lot) and that rock had to be another 1000 up!

The red rocks of Sedona are breathtaking.  They drove us on up to the Chapel of The Holy Cross perched what seems to be in a precarious spot, … although I’m sure they had plenty of geologists and engineers verify the structural integrity of the foundation (since there are homes below)

You can see the street-side view in one of these pix that shows the glass wall with the cross.  This is what the parishioners see as they face the alter during worship.  The other shot of the chapel is the photo looking from the outside toward the read of the sanctuary (the one with the group of 4 or 5 in the middle of the shot).  It’s quite a steep drive up to the parking lot and then another steep walk up the (paved) hillside and then on up the ramp to the chapel.  It’s not for the faint of heart – or if you’ve got bad knees!

Our thanks to Sue and Paul for being our tour guides for the day.  They knew where to park what stores to bother going in to, and what sights to see.  It’s great to have your own personal tour guide!

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?